In the interest of a fuller disclosure…

Be forewarned! This post will have quite a few pictures! 🙂

Today I finally remembered to take the camera with me when DD and I went to weed the flower beds. My sage has decided to flower: P1020330I haven’t decided yet if I want to snip of the blossoms or let them go. They are so very pretty. My other sage plant also has blossoms on one side.

The miniature rose-bush that DH gave me last year has ventured to blossom as well: P1020331Sorry the picture isn’t very clear. I love the peachy-pink shade of this rose. By the time DD and I came back from her work the rose was opened a bit more. Maybe I’ll try another picture or two in the morning.

The rose beds were weeded this morning as well. These were the roses that were here when we purchased this house. After three years of careful trimming and care, they are showing us these beautiful blood-red roses: P1020336This is just one of many of the roses we are seeing. There are also buds so we should see more very soon.

DS was sent out with the camera to take some pictures in the garden and fruit trees this morning. He came back in and informed me that we had three apples on the tree. I told him to show me and when we went out, we found a 4th! I am hoping that this is all for this little tree this year. It is a very new tree and I want it to grow this year. P1020339


DS decided to take a picture of the stump that has been partially cut down. I’m not sure what DH will do yet with the rest, but the back pen area next to the chicken pen is covered in debris that will be mulched or hauled off.

What a mess!

What a mess!

Thanks to continued wind from a cool front that blew in–not much over 70° today–we are still having small branches blown into the yard. DS and I mowed and weed whacked the back yard and tomorrow I am hoping to weed whack the last bit of the back yard. Then it’s up to DH and DS to weed whack the back section where the debris is.

They are a little hard to see in this picture, but here are the smaller hens that are growing bigger by the day. The are learning how to fend for themselves which has greatly reduced our duties. Unfortunately the amount of food being eaten has not gone down, but we should have lots of eggs in the fall and maybe DS will be able to pick up one more customer.

Snuggle close! It's quite cool today.

Snuggle close! It’s quite cool today.

We still don’t know if any of the white Silkies are roosters or not. Hopefully we will know before too long.

And lastly for now but no picture to show, we found okra plants that were coming up. I’m so pleased with the garden progress to date. Perhaps we will have a great garden after all. I know that there are lots of canning, freezing, and drying in my future, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the results this next winter.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine where you are and if it is raining, hopefully it will be sunny soon!


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