Summer break and still busy

Things did not slow down with summer break starting. My guess is that it was just lots of wishful thinking on my part. We have transitioned to gardening, yard work, house projects, traveling for Pathfinders and/or getting ready for the big trip for DH and DS in August for Pathfinders, with work and reviewing of school subjects thrown in. Unfortunately this has cut into my blogging time rather severely so I am extending my apologies. I will keep trying, however we are just busy, busy, busy.

The garden is trying to grow. We had a wee bit of rain and some warm sunshine and then the temperature took a downward dip. This morning was our lowest point–41° when I woke up. The cool crops have increased in their growing, but the warm crops have slowed down. Today we are “supposed” to see 73° followed by an 88°, 91°, 90°, and on Monday they are forecasting 97°. As you can see this is quite a variance in lows vs. highs. My tomatoes don’t know what to think and the melon seeds just aren’t coming up yet. My okra had started to come up when we had two days in the 90s but then with the dip to the 40s, it slowed way down.

The garage was tackled yesterday morning by DD, DS, and I and we managed to give it a good annual cleaning. It is now ready for the cat door to be put in and the cat moved that direction. I would have preferred to go through all the boxes again, but we didn’t do that this time. We just organized and cleaned.

The larger greenhouse has not been moved into the backyard again so we still have the small one with a few random plants and the strawberries in it. The strawberries need to be moved to larger pots as do the random plants. I want to keep all of these plants in the greenhouse this year, particularly the strawberry plants that were started from seed. Hopefully they will be ready to go out into a spot in the yard next spring.

DS isn’t enjoying reviewing Algebra 1 but we have found a way to make this happen without both of us feeling frustrated. I have an Algebra book that DD used and we both loved that I saved the answer key when she took the course. I also saved the tests so that I would have them in case I needed them. After carefully typing the problems from the first unit test out and printing them off for DS, we were able to determine which part of the unit he needed additional work on. Once he has completed those lessons, he will take the test again and see how much he has improved and we will continue with each unit in this manner. We are not completing full lessons but doing enough problems from each one to reinforce concepts so that when he takes Algebra 2 this fall, he won’t have to spend time reviewing but can dig right in. We are also reading through an American Literature book that I have and discussing the material orally. No writing, just analyzing and “critiquing”. His Scantron indicated that he dropped in this area slightly and even though it was a 9th grade level test, the results indicated that he should be reviewing literature and documents for 11th and 12th grade. We are working on this material as he will be taking what I would term a “modern” American Literature course this next year. Some of the literature that they used to teach is no longer being used, however we want him to encounter it as well and understand its place in American History. Without all the writing we can just dig into the literature itself and enjoy it for what we can learn.

After the garage and lunch, as well as taking DD to work, DS and I followed up on GPID’s request for us to pick the tart cherries from his tree. He said the birds were eating them and they were ripe. We were able to get a nice large picking from his tree, washed them, pitted them, and packed them into containers and a quart bag (I ran out of containers), and moved them to the freezer.

Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries

I see cobblers, smoothies, and other goodies in our future. This picking was bigger than last year’s. One change I made this year when pitting them was that I pulled the stems out ahead of time while sorting the cherries and some of the pits came out that way. Then to try and make sure that we didn’t miss any, I gently pushed the pits out of the cherries by hand instead of using my pitter. My right thumb is very grateful for this. Last year it was so sore and ached for several days afterwards.

There has been some knitting on socks as I continue to try and meet my commitment to the Socks with Sarah KAL (Ravelry link). It has been challenging since most of my drive time has been with me behind the wheel. It isn’t possible to safely drive AND knit. However, I have taken advantage of wait times to work on the green socks for DS. My hope is to have them done well before he goes back east in August. I am still on sock #1 but have progressed to the end of the gusset and am now ready to work on the foot. Here is a picture of the progress:

Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely

I will be off to a staff meeting at work in less than an hour. This is a mandatory training meeting so I am hoping that perhaps I will not have to cover for someone else to go, but will be able to attend. This meeting will be followed by a hopefully short meeting with my boss to complete my annual evaluation. Hopefully that will go well. I always try to do my best but get very nervous when it comes to evaluation time.

The next few days look equally busy with laundry, trip to the library, travel back and forth to DD’s work, weeding in the garden and yard as well as knitting and hopefully a bit of sewing. DS needs to complete the sewing portion of the Basic Sewing Honor which includes hemming a piece of fabric by  hand and sewing together a laundry bag on my machine. He will be able to take this with him on his trip. Speaking of sewing, I received a very interesting/funny email from DH when I was at work on Sunday. It seems that DD was doing laundry and when she and DS went to hang up my Pathfinder uniform shirt, they felt that the inner facing on the button lapel was fraying. DD had DH pull down her own sewing machine from the space over her closet so she could make sure it was all working properly, practice which stitch she wanted to use and then she proceeded to fold over the edge (this is a purchased shirt) and use a decorative stitch to hold it into place and secure it against future fraying. She went and pulled the closest matching thread from my box of spools and went to work. When I came home she was very anxious to show me her handiwork. She did a lovely job. Not a stitch was out of place and the edge is now secure. Her reasoning was that I don’t stop to take care of myself so she was going to take care of it for me. I AM SO VERY PROUD OF HER. She hasn’t sewn on her machine in a long time, and yet she had no trouble remembering how to thread it and how to make it do what she wanted.

That’s pretty much all there is to tell for now. I’m sure that I have missed something and when I am able to find two minutes to rub together, I will try and blog again. Thank you to all my readers for their patience. I hope that your summer is going well.


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