Lemon Meringue and New Sock

Last Friday was close to the end of a REALLY busy week. We still had a Pathfinder baptism to attend on Sabbath morning and unfortunately I needed to cook for the weekend while also attending training from 3-4 pm at work. So whatever possessed me to decide that a lemon meringue pie would be really good and necessary, I will never know. It was hot, though not as hot as today, but the pie just sounded delicious. I hadn’t made one in quite a few years so I wasn’t sure if I could still pull it off. Before I went to my training session, I made the pie crust and put it in the refrigerator for later. I wasn’t sure how long the filling and meringue would take so didn’t want to start it and have to quit in the middle. When I arrived back home, supper needed to be made so it wasn’t until after supper that I began my task. Since we have our own chickens who lay wonderful eggs, I was sure that this would be a wonderful pie.

Carefully I made the filling even though I had to use reconstituted lemon juice. For some reason I decided to make this pie AFTER I had already bought groceries. Believe it or not, the filling set up nicely. A quick sample told me that at least that part would taste ok. Then I pulled out my handy-dandy hand mixer and began to beat the eggs for the meringue. My hand mixer beats things much better than the one that sits on the stand, though my arms get tired of holding it while we beat and beat the eggs. Slowly the sugar and vanilla were added and the eggs were whipped thoroughly. The recipe said, “Do not underbeat!” so I kept at it until the eggs were glossy and quite stiff. With a spatula I spread the meringue over the filling and did my best to seal it to the edge of the pie crust.

Finally, I put it in the hot oven to bake everything. This is what the final product looked like:

Not bad after a long time having made the last one.

Not bad after a long time having made the last one.

We enjoyed it Saturday night and there was only one small piece left for later. It disappeared when DS decided he wanted it. Now I just need to find a good coconut cream pie recipe that has the right filling and a meringue on top instead of the ones I am finding with whipping cream on top. My grandmother used to make a most delicious one for my dad when we would visit but I never got my hands on a copy of the recipe. The search is on.

The garden weeding continues but we are having to get out much earlier as the weather is now hitting the upper 90s and the triple digits. The benefit to the warmer temperatures is that my garden will really grow now. The down side is that the weeds will too so we will have to keep on top of them. There are blossoms on the tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, peas, and pumpkin. I weeded the beets today and pulled out some more volunteer tomatoes in those rows. There was a volunteer tomato under the pumpkin plant that I pulled out and planted in my one vacant tomato spot as it was at least 8″ tall. We’ll see if it survives the move. If not, we still have plenty other plants.

Thanks to the heat I haven’t had near the energy that I would like. In the middle of the day I don’t want to do much and don’t want to eat much. Salads, cottage cheese, and leftovers are my friends right now.

On the sock knitting front to try and get back into my commitment to the Socks with Sarah KAL, I have unfortunately started another sock. DS’s sock is further along and the foot will be done soon. I just don’t have any new pictures of it. The two color sock that I started has been set aside as I can’t think through complicated patterns. So this little footie sock was started:

The diamonds are so cute.

The diamonds are so cute.

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare fingering weight dyed by DH with green food coloring several years ago

Pattern: Diamond Lace Socklets (Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diamond-lace-socklets)

Needles: Knit Picks Size 1 circular needle

These are toe-up and I’m using the magic loop method. The green is not that bright but actually a darker shade with hints of tan. It is definitely not a solid or even semi-solid but it is knitting up nicely. I am about 1/2 way up the foot from the toe and only cast these on last weekend. I’m hoping they will go quickly.

The cat door has been installed and after two and a half days of pushing the cat through the door to the garage and back into the laundry room, he finally “got” it and came through on his own while I was taking my shower this morning. Now we have his litter box in the garage. It is much larger and deeper which befits his size. It also is nice to not have to work around his old litter box in the laundry room. I can actually get to the washer and dryer without leaning over everything. I think he likes it too, though he still likes to come in and be with his “people”.

The chickens are trying to stay cool. We see them taking dust baths all the time, even the new babies. One of these days we will need to clip the buff Orpingtons wings as they have already figured out that flying is fun. Thankfully they haven’t gone over into the yard yet. I learned that the Silkies don’t fly so I’m hoping that is true. We still don’t know if we have hens or roosters on that front.

That’s all for now! Thank you for your patience as my postings are not very regular but my work each day in the yard and on the knitting is back to a steady pace. Now I just need to fit in some sewing that desperately needs to be done. I’m off of here to see what I can get done before bedtime and/or sleep takes over.


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