We have another rooster and other news

Like most people, we have been busy since the 4th. The temperatures have risen and the garden is growing. On the 4th we found tomatoes and peas on their respective vines. Then the next day we found yellow squash on its plant. Yesterday when DD and I were tying up the tomato vines again, we found that the green beans she had planted were coming up. The others are covered with blossoms. Best of all, I picked the first zucchini this morning before breakfast:



The chickens have continued to grow and yesterday, we were “treated” to the crowing of one of our Silkies. He is 3 1/2 months old and managed to crow 5-6 times. Today not a peep has been heard out of him so far. I wonder if he suspects his fate so is keeping quiet. Because they all look alike, we will have to catch him at it again to be able to decide which one is “guilty” of becoming a rooster:

The two hens in the back are older ones so you can see the younger ones have grown right up.

The two hens in the back are older ones so you can see the younger ones have grown right up.

I had caught him earlier holding one of the younger buffs by the neck and trying to mount her. He was not successful and she was not pleased.

DD has a birthday coming up this Friday. Because family was going to be out of town, we celebrated this last Saturday night. She requested pizza with alfredo sauce, salad, strawberry cake with buttercream frosting, and Oreo® cookie ice cream. P1020398


DD is allowing me to restart a purple lace stole that she had a couple of inches in the center panel. It has been languishing in a UFO pile needing to be rescued. With the heat, I don’t mind picking up a lace project. I frogged the work and restarted it twice before getting the invisible cast on and first couple of rows right. She chose a purple Knit Picks Palette fingering weight yarn on size 2 circular needle. I don’t have enough done to show pictures yet, but when I do, we’ll get one up here. I am also continuing to work on the Socklets. I am almost ready to start the gusset increases and then will complete the heel.

DS’s sash for Pathfinders now has all of the patches and pins off. I made a new one last night and sorted all of the patches by type/color. I am hoping to get them all sewn on by the end of the week and have that project behind me. Then we will just need to go to the cop shop to purchase a khaki colored shirt for him. I also hope to make a black skirt from the remaining fabric that I found at Wal-Mart for $2.00 per yard (60″ wide and a nice heavy cotton).

That is pretty much all the news for now other than more gardening, baking of bread, and hopefully knitting and/or cross stitch. If you have made it this far, I am hoping that you are nice and cool in this hot weather. I’ll leave you with this picture of Scooter enjoying playtime in the laundry basket: P1020400


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