Car Repairs Again!

It seems that this is the summer of car repairs. First it was my car last month deciding that the air conditioner would quit. I was willing to go without but unfortunately my FIL said I had to fix it because it was one of the three or four components on a serpentine belt that also had to be replaced. Thanks to his hard work and a trip to the repair shop to get the a/c charged, I only had to come up with $400-500 as compared to a friend who had to pay around $1200 to get their a/c repaired. We just sent the check to cover the last bit of the parts and I was hoping to be done with repairs for a bit.

Unfortunately, last Friday night when DH stopped for gas on his way to work before sundown, he couldn’t get his car to start up again. His car had been getting difficult about starting for several months but he would eventually get it started. We were pretty sure the battery was ok as it was two days shy of being one year old. He tried and tried as he knew neither one of us would be keen on another repair bill. When I received the call that he had a problem, I wasn’t the happiest camper. Thankfully we have towing on both cars, so when he called the insurance company they took immediate care to arrange a tow back home while I headed off with both kids to pick him up. Shortly after we got there he was able to finally start the car but we had them tow it back anyway because we weren’t sure that it would start the next morning after his shift. He wasn’t that far from work, but he had to bring us back and then go back to work for the night. To compound this, we had a 2 1/2 hour trip the next morning over a mountain pass to the next valley to our east to visit a church that is wanting to start a new Pathfinder club. As soon as the car was brought home, the kids and I slipped into bed to try and get a few hours sleep.

After texting back and forth with GPID who was out of town until today, they decided it was the solenoid. Despite looking everywhere, DH couldn’t find just a solenoid and a starter with a solenoid was at least $150. When GPID came back into town, once again he graciously told DH to bring the car over and he would look at it. This afternoon he went to Napa Auto Parts down the street and they told him they could get a solenoid for about $200 or a refurbished starter with a solenoid for $40-50 less. Since that car has at least 130,000 miles on it, he chose to get the refurbished starter and according to DH it was on in 20 minutes! The car is running fine and now we have this repair bill to pay. Thank you, God for providing us with a parent who is a great mechanic and a wonderful help! We feel so blessed despite the new bill.

Oh yes, the trip the next day went well. We met with the new leaders and looked over the equipment they had from a previous club at this church and they are in better shape than most new clubs. The church is very supportive and they will be operating this as part of the after-school program for the kids which will be a win for parents who need childcare and a win for them in gaining members for the club. And to top it all off, DD drove all the way back through the pass and three construction zones on the freeway to our home. She has never driven that far but she did very well. Of course she was exhausted when we arrived home, but we were very proud of her!


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