Knitting, garden, and more

In between everything else there has been knitting, working in the garden and yard, and getting DS ready for his trip to Wisconsin next month. So here’s a quick update on as much as I can remember:

  • In the Socks for SarahKAL, I finally have another sock finished:
    One socklet FO

    One socklet FO

    Please pardon this picture but it is night time and I had to make do with inside light. This socklet has a new method for a toe-up heel that I had to work at. Hopefully the second one will be easier. Believe it or not, I have already started on sock #2:

    Socklet #2

    Socklet #2

    I am 2-2 1/2 rows away from having the toe done and moving on to the diamond lace pattern on the foot. To recap, needles are Knit Picks Size 1 circular needles, yarn is Knit Picks Bare fingering weight that DH dyed some time ago. It will be nice to have these finished even though they are not full length socks. Note to self: Next time I make this pattern, consider using size 0 circular needles. They fit a tiny bit loose which may change once they are blocked but we shall see.

  • The garlic has been dug up from the garden. I am taking 2-3 of the bulbs and breaking them up to replant in the fall for next year. I am really pleased with what I got. It will not get me through the winter, but it will be nice to have our own nevertheless. I may also purchase a couple of elephant garlic bulbs to break up and plant as well. I hope to eventually plant enough to have most of what I use with minimal to no purchase of garlic from the store.
  • We have been getting some yellow and zucchini squash from the garden. Since no one but me wants to eat squash casserole and there is only so much zucchini bread you can make–though I need to make a batch or two and just freeze it–I have been challenged as to how to use it up. I battered and fried a batch which the kids and I ate most of and I froze what was left. While I don’t like to fry very much, I may fry up some more and freeze it. Then all I have to do is bake it and serve. The dehydrator is full of four trays of squash slices that hopefully will be dry tomorrow. I’m not sure how I will use those yet, but it got rid of a bunch that were on the counter.
  • We are getting a few peas and slowly getting more green beans. I am hoping that I will have plenty green beans to freeze as we like them. The new plants from seeds that DD sowed are coming along nicely. It will be nice to have a longer season and maybe more beans.
  • The tomatoes are not ripening and some of the blossoms are not setting yet. I wish they would. Even one of the girls from work that I shared with last year was wishing for some to make salsa. I just know that I plan on canning juice, ketchup, salsa, and hot sauce from as many of my tomatoes as I can harvest.
  • The onions are growing nicely as are the cabbages and kohlrabi. We will probably pick one kohlrabi pretty soon as it is quite large. The cabbages are just starting to form heads.
  • I will most likely have to harvest the beets next week as they aren’t quite large enough. The greens are great and I’m sure the chickens will love them.
  • And we do have two pumpkins growing. I don’t know if we will get more. Only time will tell. The cucumbers are coming up, finally and the butternut squash plants are growing. Everything is just really slow so most of it will be ready to harvest after school starts in the fall.
  • One of our black Sex Link chickens may be broody. She keeps sitting on the eggs in the favorite nest most of the day and DS has to move her to collect any. We decided to mark the two nicest ones today with “17” in Sharpe and leave them while collecting the rest. This didn’t make DS particularly happy as he would have collected six, but we have been waiting what seems like forever for someone, ANYONE, to go broody. We still have the white Silkie rooster that I need to find a home for. He doesn’t crow every day but when he does it sounds like a teenager whose voice hasn’t broken yet. We did get one “wind” or “rooster” egg yesterday. It was really small and when DS brought it in with the other four, I held it separate and cracked it to see what we had. There was no yolk and after some research online, we decided that either someone is trying to lay–WAY too early at 3 1/2 months–or one of the older ones had an “oops”. We will keep an eye out on all of them.
  • DS’s new Class A uniform shirt now has all of the appropriate patches transferred from his old shirt to this one. Unfortunately we had to pay just over $30 for the new shirt. I’m hoping that it will fit for awhile. It is long-sleeved and so I can cut the sleeves short if I need to down the road. His new sash that is 3 patches wide and long like his dad’s is made and all of his honor, class, and miscellaneous patches are transferred to it. The sash, his scarf, TLT (Teen Leadership Trainee) braid, and case with pins are all packed into a gallon plastic zipper bag with his name and club name on it, ready for his trip to Wisconsin. I am just waiting until closer to when he leaves–August 8–to have to purchase new black trousers. We also have to put his phone on our plan so that we can communicate with him while he is gone for 12 days.
  • I have chosen at this point not to discuss the sewing project problems that I am having. Suffice it to say that the navy skirt is in a “time-out” while I contemplate my plan of attack for resolving the problem. Perhaps in the near future I will be ready to discuss patterns that do not fit the measurements listed. Enough said for now!
  • DS completed his Auto Mechanics honor tonight with his Pathfinder Club. They had a lot of fun starting cars, learning about different engines, their parts, and operations, and changing a tire. Much of it DS already knew or had done, but it was still fun to do it with his friends.
  • We all have the sniffles and runny noses because of smoke caught in our valley from fires. You can’t see the mountains and the air smells. One side benefit is that I don’t believe we reached 100° today. When I went out to work in the garden this morning, my nose ran like crazy. DS is having to faithfully take his allergy medication to keep ahead of it. Twenty minutes from here the smoke is thicker and some people with asthma are having a really hard time. I’m hoping they are able to put out the fire soon. It would be really nice if we got some rain to help with that, but there isn’t any in the forecast.

That’s pretty much it. Tomorrow I have to go purchase a new coffee pot and get our little one cleaned and ready to send back east with another group also traveling to Wisconsin. They will be taking the coffee pot, some coffee, and fresh eggs for when DH and others in their group arrive. DH is working on finding someone to take his sleeping bag, air mattress, tent, and a small duffel with clothes and gear so that he doesn’t have to fly with it. I’ll be doing the same in another five years when this event happens again! Until then, I will get them ready and work on my own projects.


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