It’s July–What’s with the temperature?



While we live in Idaho, it is so amazing to me what the temperatures are doing this summer. Above you can see the temperature outside my car while parked at DD’s work at 1:18 this afternoon. At the house it was only 71° when we left and it is always a bit cooler at her work. Still, this is the 24th of July! We have had temperatures all the way to 104° already this year and yet we had this cooler weather blow in. Now mind you, I’m not complaining about the cooler weather, just very confused by it. We were supposed to be heading back up to 101° in the next 8-10 days–not going down to 53° when I got up at 6 am this morning.

No wonder my garden is confused. I found one small cherry tomato today that was finally ripe. There are plenty of blossoms and a few green tomatoes, but they are just not setting or ripening. We have been getting plenty of summer and zucchini squashes and a few green beans, but nothing like previous years. I did pull the row of beets and after processing, froze the lot. There were four very fat quart bags to add to the freezer. Only 6 of my okra seeds came up as plants. 😦 The cucumbers and cantaloupes or honeydew melons are very slow to grow and even my lettuce is not playing nice. We have watered when it is hot and dried and stirred the soil. I’ve weeded to keep that element away, but nothing seems to help like I want. My pepperoncini have a few blossoms, but only one pepper. The jalapeno plant does not have any blossoms or peppers. The onions are growing nicely and I found more pumpkins starting. I think we have at least 8-10 pumpkins in various stages of growth. Something tells me we will be eating lots of pumpkin this winter.

The plants all look healthy so I’m just praying that they will start producing something really soon. I know that means lots of work, but I need to fill the freezer back up and refill all the empty jars. And truth be told, I don’t mind the work when I know we will enjoy it this winter. Must keep DS’s “hollow leg” filled as he is still definitely growing!

A quick update on the broody hen: She’s still sitting so hopefully the eggs are fertile under her and this is successful. She really hates to leave the nest when we are collecting the eggs from all the other hens that she has tucked under her, but since she chose the nest that is everyone’s favorite, there is really no choice. Plus, she does need to eat and drink water.

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