Warmer, busier, and doll rehab

Today the weather has been a bit warmer, but still quite tolerable. I believe it actually made it to 80° but is already cooling down. That is one of the things I really like about Idaho as compared to Texas where I started my life. Night times are always cooler–try 47° last night–even when the days are quite warm. This is one of the benefits of the high desert.

Today I started pitting, slicing, and prepping the apricots picked last Sunday by DS and GPID. Once again, the same gentleman that offered an opportunity to strip one of his apricot trees a year ago, offered to let GPID repeat the performance. Even though we still have more than half of the jars of canned apricots left from last year and have dried two full dehydrators full of apricots, I couldn’t say no. After all, you never know when there might be a year where there isn’t a good crop of apricots. This gentleman’s apricots are a nice size and a really good quality. I did have to leave them for the better part of the week to ripen a bit more, but today I purchased some Fruit Fresh® because I wanted to freeze these apricots. I’m saving my jars for other canning projects. In between making pizza for supper, and running cold drinks to DS while he mowed three lawns, I was able to get half of a 6-gallon bucket prepped and into quart bags. There were a few apricots (3-4) that ripened too much and had to make a visit to the garbage, but the rest came in at 8 quarts. P1020410P1020411I see pies, cobblers, and  smoothies in our future. There are two more 6-gallon buckets to freeze and then they will be done.

I keep finding more pumpkins on the vines and if they all grow and become big pumpkins, we will have a  nice supply to get into the freezer. Our biggest one is the size of a watermelon now and I’m not sure how big it will get. Sometime I will get a picture of it. There was also one zucchini and one  yellow squash to pick today. They will be used with one other zucchini to make a zucchini spice cake for supper tomorrow night. That is one way that I know the squash will be eaten instead of endured.

The knitting on socklet #2 continues. I am almost done with the foot–only eight rows left–and then I can make another attempt at the gusset and heel. Hopefully it will go easier this time and I won’t have to rip out several times. I am endeavoring to keep up with the Socks with Sarah KAL, but having a bit of a challenge.

Last Saturday night my niece showed me the rag doll I made for her several years ago. It was quite evident that this doll has been well loved and played with. The black yarn hair has disappeared and the facial features are no longer distinct. It seems they were redone with her mother’s makeup pencils because they faded. Now they look just nasty. I told her that I needed a week to see if I had black yarn to make new hair that would be braided and hopefully not played with as much–the hair that is. After some research and going through my sewing patterns and yarn stash, I decided that it was time for the doll to receive an invitation for a minimum two-week stay at the “hospital” for some rehabilitation. I have black yarn and today I purchased 1/2 yard of muslin. That should be more than enough to remove the head from the doll and make a new head. I have a face that I can transfer on–colors and all like before–but I am thinking on the idea of embroidering a face instead. That way, the face would stay distinct through play a lot longer and maybe the young lady in question would not be tempted to “fix it” with her mother’s makeup. DSIL has assured me that the doll in question will be brought to supper tomorrow night for her extended rehab in the “hospital”. I have promised to take really good care of her during her stay. Next week I will make a search through my quilt fabrics–very small stash right now–to see if I can find a couple of coordinating pieces with some scraps of lace and ribbon to make a new dress. I would really like to make a bonnet, but will need to find a pattern for that as my pattern doesn’t include that feature. If there is interest and I remember once I start working on this project, I will try to take pictures along the way. It will be a bit of a project and may end up taking longer than two weeks as I want to sew the hair to the head this time instead of glue it as the pattern suggests.

So as you can see I am going to be busy and some projects may  have to be set aside for a bit to accomplish the rehab. This doll deserves the work because she is much loved and still played with daily. That makes all the work worth it to me! So wish me luck and time to make this happen.



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