Preparations for travel

As the days draw closer for DS and DH to travel back east, lots of preparations are  happening. Every time I think we are all but done, something else crops up to be dealt with. Still we are making progress.

Yesterday I took DS to our local T-Mobile store to try and add the older iPhone that he had been given by GPID to our plan. We really hoped they could add it as this would incur only a line charge each month. However, such was not our luck. Even though it was possible to add it, they needed the unlock codes from AT&T to switch this over. Knowing that GPID never obtained the codes and learning that it would cost more to obtain them than to just purchase one of the phones available–and thankfully like ours AND on sale–I decided that we would just purchase a new phone for DS. Including taxes and a case, I was able to purchase the phone outright for just over $70. After a return visit with DH, signed paper work and his ID, we were able to have everything activated. The monthly additional charge unfortunately will be over twice what it would have cost to just add the line, however we can communicate with him, he has a newer phone and for now we even have the insurance on it. This all was important because we have never allowed him to travel without us for this long of a distance and time so we now will be able to keep in touch and make sure he is okay. He’s thrilled and so are we.

DS will be traveling with his club and sightseeing along the way. They will be camping in tents the entire time. From all we learned at a directors meeting last night, they should have lots of fun. This Thursday night there is another meeting for parents of children in his club where we will get more details and complete paperwork.

Fresh eggs, a small coffee pot, filters, and coffee were delivered to the lady who will be cooking for DH and other adults during the week that he is gone. They are providing the remaining food, but she was very happy to get fresh eggs for all of them. I just hope 3 dozen is enough. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to deliver DH’s Class A uniform and accessories to her so he doesn’t have to scrunch it up into a suitcase. She and her husband are driving back east in their motorhome and taking some of the items that are not being flown with. DH’s tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, folding chair and suitcase will be with another group also headed that way. All he will have with him when he flies is a small carry-on bag and his phone.

While I know they will have so much fun on their trip, I will be glad when it is all over and they are safely back home. DD and I will try and hold down the “fort” here and anxiously await word from them of what is happening. Perhaps we will plan a day or two of fun ourselves. Most likely I will take this time to clean, garden, can, freeze, and prepare for school which will start for DS with testing when he gets back and classes less than a week after he returns. Summer is almost over and has sure flown by!

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