Chicken update

We are coming to the end of the 21 days that our broody hen will have been sitting on her two eggs. She started on the 17th of July and anytime now she could hatch these two IF they were indeed fertile and viable. I have to confess that we have not “candled” the eggs or shown a flashlight through them. If they do not hatch by the end of this coming weekend, we will check them with a flashlight and then decide whether or not to keep them or to toss them and give her three more to try with. She doesn’t appear to be ready to give up being broody, but we’ll see.

This afternoon DS and I prepared the brooder box for her to be moved to with her eggs. I purchased start & grow feed and set it up in the small feeder since there would only be a possible maximum of 3 including momma. Then after dark tonight, we moved momma and her two eggs. It was my task to move the eggs and even through my garden gloves, they felt nice and warm. She seems to have done a wonderful job so far. However only time will tell if we actually have chicks or not. Check back later and see if we got lucky.

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