The new Leila

Today I decided it was time to see if I could sew Leila’s new body together and move her further along in her rehab. As you may remember, it started to become very apparent that Leila was going to need to be replaced. Even though she was a much loved dolly, she needed more help than just replacing a few appendages would provide. So today I began the process of sewing her together, stuffing her, and seaming her up.

Because the construction of this doll is so very different from most dolls that I have made, I had to work through each part step-by-step. Leila’s head alone was three parts that had to be carefully sewn together to make sure that when it was stuffed, she would have a good shape.

Leila's head

Leila’s head

It is a bit hard to tell, but there is a strip of fabric between the face/front and the back of the head. This was to form a chin, though it isn’t a real pronounced chin. The colors on the face are not coming through real well, but the eyes are a chocolate brown with white highlights. The lips are a tad darker pink. These colors are to match the young lady’s eyes who will get Leila back.

Full body view

Full body view

The lighting isn’t very good, but you get an idea. She is stuffed and seamed. Tomorrow I must sew seams into her hands so that she has what looks like fingers, though they won’t be individual fingers.

Next is to decide how best to add black yarn hair that will look nice braided and cover her bald head. Then I just have to find some lavender or purple fabric to make her dress and she will be good to go. You never know, but I might meet the 2-week deadline yet. We’ll see what happens in the next few days as I also get DH and DS ready to be gone for a bit.


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