Canning Pepperoncinis

IMG_20140813_161427We have been most fortunate to have a good crop of pepperoncinis this year. Of course, this is the first year that I have planted and tried to grow them. I have been collecting them and hope to pick more tomorrow from the two plants that we have. This afternoon, I decided it was time to pickle two pints of them before they were too old. I have been keeping them in a container in the refrigerator, but today decided it was going to be THE day for this project. It didn’t help that I wasn’t able to get into the garden this morning because we had rain and thunderstorms off and on all yesterday, last night, and this morning. I needed to feel productive besides doing the laundry and getting rid of a stack of catalogs all the way back to 2005!

Back to the pepperoncinis, I used this recipe and was really pleased with how easy it was. I chose to not discard the garlic, but keep it in the leftover brine. In a few more days I hope to have more pepperoncinis to pickle. I also have some jalapenos, however I don’t think those will get pickled quite yet. I really want to use them to put with tomatoes and make salsa and hot sauce. So two pints of pepperoncinis are done and pickling away hopefully to be ready to eat after three weeks, though we will probably wait longer–like this winter.


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