So very proud of DS!

DH sent back a picture from the event back east that he and DS are attending. While I don’t normally share pictures of family, I just couldn’t resist a cropped version showing DS in his Class A uniform getting ready to carry the American flag in the Grand Parade for yesterday!

Looking very official!

Looking very official!

I have to admit that I am a very proud mother! DS looks so good and ready to do his part. Even though he’s only just turned fourteen a couple of months ago, he’s taller than me and almost as tall as DH. He has a nice deep voice that allows him to call out commands and echoes as the Drill Instructor for his club. This is one of his favorite parts because he loves the Drill & Marching in Pathfinders. I miss him but am so glad to see the joy on his face. He is truly in his element!

According to all reports, they are having a wonderful time. DD and I have been blessed to watch live streaming of the evening program from this camporee as well as highlights from each day. Oh the stories they will have to share when they come back! DS is off to Six Flags today with his club for a day of fun.


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