Leila’s beauty salon appointment

After careful research on various websites for ideas as to how to deal with Leila’s hair, I decided to try and mesh several methods. I knew I wanted to sew the hair on, but needed advice on how to make it where it looked nice and yet wouldn’t come off.

Using black yarn, I laid out loops that were 20″ long and spread/packed over 6 1/2″. Once this was done, I sewed down the middle so as to form a fairly even part. The “wig” was sewn on by hand and then the braids were completed. I learned that I had quite a bit of “hair” which I had planned to make sure that the scalp didn’t show through. A braid was put together on each side of Leila’s head and then I sewed them to the head up underneath the braids at about ear level. After a careful trim, the ends were secured. Now I just have to find 1 1/2 yards of fabric (can be a 1 yd and a 1/2 yd piece) to make the dress. I do have trim and ribbons to tie at the end of her pigtails.

I can’t wait until she is all done and delivered to her “mommy” as this has been a total remake. I don’t imagine I will make another anytime soon even if this one is “bathed”, etc. Too many other projects. Hopefully the young lady in question will leave the hair alone this time.

Here’s a picture:


Leila's new do

Leila’s new do

I’m not sure if I will add bangs yet or not. I have enough yarn, but they would tempt the young lady to take a comb or brush to them. I’ll let you know what I decide.


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