Mr. Rooster x 3 and Ms. Broody

We have pretty well determined that all of our Silkies are roosters. We have caught all of them crowing much to our frustration. Now we will need to find them a home–or at least two of them–as we do not need four roosters.

I can't help who I am!

I can’t help who I am!

Meanwhile, our broody hen is still sitting. Unfortunately today I discovered one smashed and eaten egg under her and one that was smashed and partly eaten with a bloody mess left. This leaves her only one egg to sit on and she doesn’t appear to want to budget. I sure wish we could successfully move her to a more secure place away from the other chickens, but she didn’t like it at all when we tried that earlier. Thankfully she left long enough for me to clean up the mess, but I did catch someone trying to share the nest with her.

Broody is the one in the front with the pale comb.

Broody is the one in the front with the pale comb.

If we lose the other one, then I think we will discourage her from sitting for a bit as she has been sitting for over three weeks now. At least our egg production is increasing again with most of the chickens finished with molting. Tuesday we had twelve eggs, Wednesday we had nine, and two day we would have had eight but for somebody deciding to eat one of the unmarked ones.


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