Leila is an FO

Dear Leila was finished on Friday, but I waited until today to post about her. She was delivered to the young lady on Saturday evening at our family dinner. Unfortunately in these pictures the color of her dress and ribbons did not come out as purple as I hoped. IMG_20140815_215739The color is actually a little less blue and I have to admit it looks lovely with her black hair. Scooter was interested in her, but we chased him away as I didn’t want him to mess her up. The bead necklace was left with the “old” doll for me to put back on. IMG_20140815_215831

Leila was well received although her mistress pretty much figured out that she must be “like new”. I didn’t proffer any confirmation as I hoped she would be accepted. She was and all the dolls were brought out to be introduced to her.

I’m so glad this project is done before school starts as I have so much to do and the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I am glad because I hope to can lots of juice, salsa, and hot sauce. I also have lots to do to get ready for teaching DS. Can’t wait until he gets back from his trip!


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  1. claire93 says:

    a fabulous job. Looks like Leila is all ready to be much-loved again ^^

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