Approaching the end of the summer garden

This year’s garden has been really different. We still didn’t get very much okra–less than last year. We do have quite a few onions that will be harvested before long. The tomatoes have been strange. There are lots of Roma tomatoes that are finally ripening. We also have a few Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes that haven’t gotten very big. I think I will skip them next year. I have heard that Porters do better and since we grew those in Texas when I was a young girl and had good luck, I think we’ll try them here. We have lots of pumpkins and have harvested a few quarts of green beans. There are three more short rows of green beans in the garden that I am hoping will produce a few beans before the first freeze. The carrots haven’t done much. There are four musk melons and at least one cantaloupe on their vines, and we have three butternut squash.

Today I picked the next to the last head of cabbage and we only have one or two more strange looking lettuces. We have had a fair amount of yellow and zucchini squash. I have given a lot of the yellow squash away and the zucchini has been shredded and frozen for cakes and bread this coming winter.

GPID’s blackberries were picked again and I was able to freeze three quarts. There might be one more small picking, but only time will tell. I have to say that this are nice and big and taste really good. I certainly don’t mind picking them if they don’t have time to pick and process them.

So despite the strangeness of the weather, we haven’t done super bad. I’m just hoping that somehow I can get the freezer and jars full. On Labor Day I hope to can tomato juice as we are completely out. I also hope to send a text to my contact for gleaning peaches and apples as we could use both. It will make me busy but oh, the wonderful things we will enjoy this winter!


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