One week of school done

We have one week of school done and I am glad! Despite not getting to take all the classes that he wanted and having one of his not so favorite teachers again this year, DS is getting back into the routine of classwork. It has been a busy week unlike most previous years which has made it harder to ease back in. This year DS is taking Algebra 2, Spanish 1 (which is a bit of a repeat from middle school, but necessary to get to the other two years), American Literature, Modern World Studies, Biology, and a snoozer class called “Academic Advisory 2”. The last class is the one that kept DS from being able to take another elective so he’s not real thrilled. We’ll see how it goes as unfortunately the class is required. DS’s Algebra 2 teacher is the same math teacher he had for Geometry last year. Needless to say he is less than pleased. I am hoping that he will learn that this is one of life’s lessons: We don’t always get what we want. The Spanish 1 teacher is lots of fun and he enjoys her class. She is the same teacher that DD had when she was taking Spanish. The American Literature teacher is his homeroom teacher from last year. No real opinion yet this year. He did not have her in a teaching capacity last year so he wasn’t really able to form an opinion. Last year’s Chinese teacher is teaching Modern World Studies. Since this is not a class on the list of required Social Studies classes for graduation, this will count as an elective. Somehow I wish they would understand that this is a really good course and should be required to give kids a more well-rounded education. Biology is taught by DS’s new homeroom teacher for this year. She is someone we know from previous years so we feel extremely fortunate to have someone so awesome on our side. She also is in charge of the Academic Advisory 2 class.

DS has started studying the book we purchased for the PSAT. This test will be taken in October. We aren’t sure if his school will have a special date for taking this test or if we will need to arrange for him to sit for this one at the local private church academy. Hopefully that information will be available shortly after Labor Day.

So now that we have started to settle back into the routine, hopefully the year will go well. We have also added studies in the Bible, starting with the book of Matthew. DS reads one chapter a day since this is the book that will be used for Bible Experience competitions in Pathfinders. Hopefully his club will put a team together.

DD started back at college this last Monday. She is only taking one class this time, Western Civilization. Since DD loves History, we are hoping this will help her to be more successful this time. She is also continuing with her part-time job as she loves it, too.

We’ll try to keep this as up to date as possible on their progress through the school year.



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