Return to Late Peaches

After a quick, stressful, but very necessary trip to see my parents, I came back home to my family. My dad was pretty much as I expected to find him, but it was still very distressing. We were able to take care of some business matters for both parents which relieved all of us–except for my sister who lives closest to them. She has been so very wonderful in taking care of them that they chose to have her be the  primary decision maker in all financial and health matters. I know she would have preferred to have had a say in that choice, but I believe they made an excellent choice and I will support her in any way I can. Unfortunately, my mom fell the night before I had to fly back home. This scared all of us and we are watching her to make sure there are no changes that would indicate bad things happened as a result.

On the upside of my trip, I was very blessed to get to spend time with my oldest sister, the second oldest sister and her husband, and even a brief time with my oldest sister’s daughter before my flight back home. I love each member of my family and delighted in receiving the gift of time with each one. If only I could convey to them how blessed I felt. Having them there also made it so much easier to get through a difficult visit. Additionally I was able to spend dedicated time with each of my parents–with Dad as it may be the last visit face-to-face that we get, with Mom talking about things that we hadn’t truly shared. However, I am choosing not to detail Dad and Mom’s health condition here as I want to focus on the blessing of time with them.

Since I came back late Friday night, I chose to try and begin to recoup a bit on Sabbath. I was privileged to be the recipient of a huge hug at the airport when I came through security. DD came running at me past DH to make sure that I knew I was loved and missed. I didn’t even have time to brace myself. DH was not far behind. Of course, DS being the “cool” young teenager was a bit hesitant to receive a hug in public, but gracefully endured.  DD wouldn’t let me out of her sight which made me smile.

DH stayed home with our two kids to make sure that homeschooling continued as well as DD’s college class. It was a busy time for him keeping up with everything on a schedule different than his usual night work. He did extremely well and I was so thankful to know that he was here keeping things going. I do love him so very much!!!

DH and DS had a Teen Extreme Event to attend while DD and I took our time getting through the day. Thanks to lots of hard work by my family and to a desire to rest on the Sabbath, I didn’t have any pressing work around the house other than feeding the chickens and making meals for DD and I. We were pleased to learn at the end of the day that DH and DS had a wonderful time hiking and spending time with other teenagers in a Get-Acquainted event. After sundown I started a load of laundry and headed off to bed to rest before a full day of work on Sunday.

Sunday evening after being back at work, I learned that it was time to glean the late peaches again. I knew that anytime between now and the end of the month I would have a chance to do this, but didn’t realize it was so soon. However, I didn’t want to complain and since I have a meeting tomorrow at work, DS and I made the 20 minute drive to the orchard to see what was available. Some of the trees had branches that were blown down, however there were plenty of large peaches again this year. We picked five 6-gallon buckets full which will need to be canned by the end of the week. I am so glad to get these.

Additionally this week I have peppers to pickle, tomatoes to juice and can, and the fall deep cleaning to complete. We have warmer temperatures this week and I am hoping to complete all of these tasks. There are more tomatoes in the garden that will most likely be ripe by Friday and will need to be juiced. We are coming to the end of the tomatoes and should not have too many more pickings. This makes me sad because I haven’t  been able to can as much juice as I would like. Next year I will have to try and grow all Romas again.

So, despite being away for four days, I am back and hard at it. Yes some knitting did get done while I was gone, though not a lot. The red/green striped–looks more like red/brown–sock is down to the gusset. There are a couple of mistakes on it because I became distracted on my flights, however they are not that noticeable so I’m going to continue. I hope to get the first one finished and get back to DS’s green sock so I can get that pair done. I also hope that next time I fly it will be a bit more comfortable. The flying wasn’t as bad as all of the new security measures. After all, I haven’t flown for 12+ years and a lot has changed in that time. Maybe I can avoid the whole process by taking my family with me which will mean that we will have to drive. Hope burns eternal!


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