End of September Report

This month has flown by! I keep hoping that everything will slow down however the reverse is definitely true. We have been incredibly busy around here and it does not look like that will change any time soon. Here’s a list from the end of the month to try and keep things concise:

  • The garden is just about done:
    • There are a few tomatoes that will need to be picked and brought inside for processing and/or ripening. This has been delayed because of 4-5 days of rain that we really needed.
    • The onions are pulled and drying in the garage yet again. They were victims of the rain and a cover that did not do its job.
    • The okra is still putting on a few bits and pieces but nothing great. It will need to be pulled before long.
    • The peppers would finish up if we could just get a couple of days of sun.
    • There are green beans and blooms on the plants. Again, sun would be wonderful as it would finish out a small crop that could be harvested.
    • The musk melons and cantaloupes need to be picked as soon as we will not sink in the garden.
  • Canning is slowing down:
    • There will be one or two more batches of tomato juice.
    • All peaches are canned.
    • The remaining peppers will need to be pickled; perhaps there will be a pint or two.
    • The apples are not ready for gleaning yet, but I can hardly wait. We need to put up applesauce again.
    • There are tons of rosehips that are waiting on the first hard freeze to be harvested and processed for the juice to make jelly.
  • Freezing is continuing:
    • Once the pumpkins are picked, the baking will commence and the processing through the Victorio with the pumpkin screen. I love to freeze this as it makes wonderful cookies, cakes, pies, and bread.
  • The knitting continues as well:
    • The second green sailor ribbed sock for DS travels in my purse for added rounds while I am out and about waiting for someone. I hope to finish it before long.
    • The first red/brown/dark green striped sock is almost to the toe. I am not sure how it will fit. The pattern is so easy and goes quickly when I sit down to work on it. There are a few errors but this pattern is very forgiving and does not show them up in glaring relief. Last night I found a dropped stitch and thankfully brought it back up before it dropped too far. Must not work on this when I am tired.
    • Various other projects are calling out tome and I am really trying to resist them until these two sock pairs are done.
  • Miscellaneous items:
    • The cross stitch sampler has not been touched. I really should get back to this project as well as several others.
    • My navy blue skirt needs the hem and waistband put on. Then I really need to cut out a black skirt to wear with my class A uniform blouse for Pathfinders.
    • It would be really nice to cut out small pieces to make a quilt over time. A couple of the quilts in this house are starting to look worn and one I have actually put away for now as I do not want anything to happen to it. My mom made it for DH and I.
    • Pathfinder events and projects keep us going at a steady pace. We have traveled quite a bit and it looks like we have a bit more to do. Bible Experience competition preparation needs to be pushed beginning in November so we need to make sure everything is ready.
    • Chicken coop needs to be prepped for winter and a run added.
    • DS must be growing again as he has come down with a head cold that followed a sore throat. Hopefully there will not be a cough at the end.
    • Sourdough bread was baked yesterday so now we have four loaves of bread in the freezer. Perhaps that will buy us a week before I have to make more. I still want to try the sourdough pita pockets that my sister sent the recipe for.

This list is way too long but I’ll tackle it a bit at a time and hopefully it will all get done. There are only three more months in this year and then we start 2015. MUST. GET. BUSY!!!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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