Fall is my favorite!

Even though things have not settled down at all and we continue to be busy, I must say that I love the fall weather and that makes it easier to get through the busies! Mornings start out quite cool–40-42°–and progress to the mid- to upper 70s. Most day the sun is shining and occasionally you get a faint hint of a cooler breeze.

To update things from my last post, here is the following:

  • The garden is harvested except for two potato plants and a few green beans:
    • The remaining tomatoes were picked, sorted, and put in the garage to ripen. P1020850
    • The onions have now been stored in their box for use this winter. Wish I had more.
    • There is one okra plant left and I’m thinking about pulling it as it isn’t really doing much.
    • There are a few small peppers on the pepperoncinis and jalapeño plant. I even have one very small pepperoncini on the plant in the front of the house. There are a couple of blossoms on that plant, but it’s so late that I can’t guarantee it will do much.
    • The musk melons and cantaloupes were picked and all have been eaten except part of the last musk melon. We will definitely have to grow more of them next summer and start them inside first so that we get more.
  • Canning is slowing down:
    • DH canned eight quarts of tomato juice last Sunday night. One of them did not seal so we will use it in various dishes this week.
    • There were only enough peppers to freeze one-half quart so I didn’t even bother with canning them.
    • The apples are still not ready for gleaning yet, but I can hardly wait. We need to put up applesauce again.
    • We are still waiting on the first hard freeze to harvest the rosehips. There is a good crop and I’d love to get a dozen pints put up this year. I will have to buy more jars though.
  • Freezing is continuing:
    • The pumpkins and butternut squash are picked and on the green wagon in the garage. I am holding on to them so that DH, DD, and DS can carve some before I process them for freezing. P1020852
  • The knitting continues as well:
    • There is very little progress on the green sailor ribbed sock for DS so no picture. I may take it with me on Sabbath while we drive to north for meetings. I’ll have approximately 2 1/2 hours one way to knit while DH drives so should make nice progress on either it or the red/brown/dark green striped sock.
    • The first red/brown/dark green striped sock is now complete, with toe kitchnered and ends woven in. It has been tried on and fits nicer than expected. The second sock has been cast on and the ribbing and first round of the leg have been knit.
    • I’m still trying my best to resist any other projects that are “calling” my name. As it is getting cooler, they are calling louder.

      The color is washed out in the picture but this is actually a very dark/bright red.

      The color is washed out in the picture but this is actually a very dark/bright red.

  • Miscellaneous items:
    • The cross stitch sampler has not been touched. I really should get back to this project as well as several others. – No new progress sadly. I keep reading cross stitch blogs to try and get inspiration.
    • My navy blue skirt needs the hem and waistband put on. Then I really need to cut out a black skirt to wear with my class A uniform blouse for Pathfinders. – With no good place to set up my sewing machine and leave it out, this has not happened either. Something has to change.
    • It would be really nice to cut out small pieces to make a quilt over time.  – Haven’t found a pattern that I like that is simple enough to piece by hand if I want to. Will keep looking.
    • DH is now the Pathfinder Director for our conference so we are constantly dealing with all that entails. Now I know why certain things are not happening. Still, we are so glad to be involved heavily in this youth ministry.
    • Chicken coop needs to be prepped for winter and a run added. – Plastic and outer boarding is on coop, but no run added yet. It will have to wait until the shelves and the apple storage box are built in the garage.
    • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are baking in the oven. I followed this recipe and used sesame seeds instead of chopped nuts. We’ll see how they turn out.
    • Still haven’t made the pita pockets from sourdough that my sister sent the recipe for. Too many other projects claiming my time.
    • Need to get the blackberry and raspberry runners from GPID and plant before too much longer.
    • DH needs to plant a few iris and daffodil bulbs.

So as you can see, it hasn’t slowed down. However, winter will be here soon and I hope to be ready. Thanks for stopping by!


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