It’s cooler this week

This morning we got out of bed to a house that was 66° inside and 35° outside. Something tells me that it may freeze this week, but we are mostly prepared. We will need to put the chickens’ water container on the base and actually plug the base in to come on when it gets real cold–as in below freezing. We also need to check and see if the heat lamp bulb is still good. If not, I will need to pick one up.

There are several upsides to having a good freeze: allergies will disappear that much faster, the rosehips will be one week away from picking and making into jelly and the apples will be closer to being ready to glean. Once all that is taken care of I will focus more closely on school, knitting, and sewing. I almost forgot that there are still tomatoes and pumpkins in the garage and making sure the tomatoes are juiced as they ripen and canned. The pumpkins will need to bake and then be processed for freezing for pies and cookies.

DH and I are still tired from a quick trip north to some meetings. I drove up while he dozed and after a quick nap, he drove back home late Saturday night. Unfortunately, on the way home we came across three deer spread across the road in front of us. We missed the doe and fawn, however we bumped the other deer. There was no damage to the car thankfully, but you can bet we were wide awake after that. As far as we know the deer was fine. A few miles after that incident, we came across a semi with trailer in the ditch. There were several emergency vehicles and at least one tow truck trying to pull everything out of the ditch. After a short wait, they allowed us to go around and on home. We arrived home about 1 AM and I snuck four hours of sleep before going to work for 12.5 hours. Needless to say, my bed looked and felt really wonderful. Hopefully the kids and I will get to bed at a good time again tonight as I am trying to make sure DS gets much needed rest before taking the PSAT on Wednesday.

No knitting has been accomplished since Sabbath, but I hope to start that up a wee bit before I go to sleep. I’m trying to make things from my stash, particularly to fill my sock drawer as my feet were VERY cold this morning. Everyone else has several pairs and I realized that my only wool ones were ankle socks. The others are bamboo and cotton so I must get the one wool pair I am knitting on finished. That would be the red/brown/green striped pair.

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