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It never ceases to amaze me how much faster my second sock of a pair gets knitted. I’m not sure if it is because I just know how many rounds to each part because of the notes I have made on the first one, or what. Whatever the cause, I am most glad to say that I finished the red/brown/green striped socks tonight.

Another finished pair

Another finished pair

These I will keep as DH dyed the yarn a long time ago. The colors in this photo are not true to the actually color, but the striping definitely is. Here’s a closeup of the heel: P1020876This is one of my favorite heels as it looks nice in just about any colorway and it is cushy. I couldn’t resist trying them on and can’t wait until it is consistently cold and I have an excuse to wear them more often.

There is enough yarn left over that I may be able to knit a pair of short socks as well, but that will happen later. I want to work on my Chevalier Mittens so that MAYBE I can have mittens this year that are wool to keep my hands warm.

In other news, another eight quarts of tomato juice was canned by DH and I on Saturday night before I went to bed. I think we have enough tomatoes still ripening in the garage to have 8-12 more quarts and then we will be done. There is still no word on the apples, but I’m hoping that we will get some to glean. If not, I will have to find a good deal to purchase so that I can make applesauce. Also, the last of the green beans were picked today. I pulled up the vines and picked off the best ones. They have been snapped and DH put a few of them in the homemade pizza pockets we had for supper.

Speaking of pizza pockets, we have been making the dough for these in the bread machine just like I make the Friday night pizza dough each week. For about the last month, DH has been very frustrated because when he takes the dough out of the bread machine and attempts to roll it out into the pockets to fill, he says the dough doesn’t want to stay stretched. Last week the pockets would not seal, though they still tasted scrumptious, and tonight, even when he baked them at 450° for 15 minutes, they didn’t really brown. They seemed to be done, but were still pale. I’m suspecting that something is being left out on accident. Today DH put the ingredients in the bread machine and it still wasn’t too his liking. He said it still wouldn’t roll out.

The yeast is kept in the freezer like always and isn’t old. However, the dough just insists on frustrating him. I wonder if I should make it by hand again for awhile and see what happens.

DS had interim benchmark tests sprung on him this week in American Literature and Algebra 2. Unfortunately he has only just started on them because the Algebra 2 test was not working. I am hoping they have it fixed by tomorrow morning. Needless to say he was not pleased to have the additional work with no warning and then when the test was not performing the function stated, he was more frustrated. We saved the test as far he went so tomorrow we will go back and try again.

This next Sunday is DH’s birthday and also the last day of work for one of my coworkers. DH requested pizza, scratch red velvet cake, and Death by Chocolate flavored ice cream, so I will have to get busy by Friday. I have also volunteered to take a small sheet cake–probably apple with a carmelly frosting to work on Sunday for our coworker. One of the other girls is bringing punch and dip. Not sure who will bring the chips so I may grab a bag when I go grocery shopping on Friday.

If you’ve read this far, you are doing well. Thanks for checking in. I’m hoping to be able to post pictures of the mittens further along by the end of the week.


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