As winter hints at its imminent arrival…

The wool socks are getting worn more again and some serious knitting is being snuck into the schedule. The lovely red/brown/green socks are so nice and warm on my feet. I wore them all day yesterday and hated to take them off at bedtime. Today I wore bought socks and they just don’t fit the same. They also weren’t as warm or comfortable.

I am still knitting on the second size 12 sock for DS. It was pulled out at the tire store this morning when I was waiting for my snow tires to be put on and the all-season tires to be removed. Since DD is riding home from her job with GPID most days, my knitting time that I used to get while I waited for her to get off work is no more. That does not bode well for socks getting finished quickly so I will have to work on a better plan. Riding home with GPID is a nice thing for DD though and it does help free up 45 minutes to an hour of my day. Now to convince my family that is my knitting time. Yesterday, DH and I picked her up from work as we needed to all go vote on the way back home. Our mission was successfully accomplished although GPID was wishing his grand daughter was with him.

Yesterday, DS and I picked the rose hips and made jelly. We only made 2 1/2 pints because that was all we had. Now I can just hope that it sets up as jelly because if it doesn’t, we will use it as syrup for pancakes and waffles.

Today, DH went into work early. I pulled out the makings of our favorite noodle casserole and made it up for supper. This is DD’s favorite casserole and she can make a meal of just it. A container of frozen pumpkin was also pulled out and thawed to try a pumpkin molasses cake recipe. It doesn’t have any frosting and tastes like a really rich gingerbread cake.

Noodle casserole with barbecue potato chips on top

Noodle casserole with barbecue potato chips on top

Pumpkin molasses cake

Pumpkin molasses cake

I really like this cake because it does not require frosting and still tastes very rich. The recipe suggested sprinkling with powdered sugar, but trust me, it does not need anything else.

The last of the tomatoes ripening in the garage are slowly being dried in the dryer. They were starting to not look so grand and I just couldn’t bring myself to trying to juice the ugly things. After a careful sort through on both shelves, I brought in enough to fill the dryer trays, all four of them, two times. When these are all dried, they will be put in the blender to make into a powder for adding to soups, dips, etc.

Dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes

The dryer is full of more slices which hopefully will be finished sometime tomorrow. They don’t look like much here, but they should make a wonderful powder to add flavor to cooking.

A couple of weeks ago I made a cake for a friend at work who was moving to another position in another department. This was an old-fashioned apple cake with brown sugar frosting. The bits of chopped apple were mixed into the dough and came out tasting really good. From what I understand, there was none left by the end of the night.

It's all gone now!

It’s all gone now!

And even though it is a bit late to post, here is a picture of DH’s red velvet birthday cake. I was finally able to get my hands on the camera again and get the pictures off. P1020882That’s all for now as I’m off to knit and read or sooth a fussy DD.


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