First snow

Not much to see at this point

Not much to see at this point

Today we woke up to a light dusting of snow. However, shortly after we sat down to eat breakfast, the snow began to blow and fall in earnest. It has been a steady fall all day and now we have at least 2 inches on the ground and fog rolling in. The roads were “icky” according to DD who is on her way home with DH. We decided this was one Thursday night when for the first time ever, DS and I will not be traveling the 30 minutes (or more tonight) to go to Pathfinders. DH said there were at least nine accidents in the area when he went to pick up DD so I think that not becoming #10 is a good idea. I can drive fine in this, but not so sure about all the other drivers. There’s a nice warm casserole in the oven to serve up for supper when they get home.

We are supposed to get more snow all night and tomorrow so it will be interesting going to DD’s dentist appointment in the morning as well as getting gas in my car and picking up groceries. Oh well, I believe winter has decided to make its presence known. Even the chickens just looked out of their coop and decided not to venture out.


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  1. Looks Amazing. ( I live in a sunny country, we dont see much snow here 😉 )
    Take care, be careful, stay warm and enjoy your casserole.

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