It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas

This month we started out with rain/snow. However, it appears that most of it is gone. I didn’t even waste time shoveling the driveway because it wasn’t more than 1 1/2″ and was melting later in the day. There are some really small patches here and there, but pretty much all is gone.

Today I have been busy with sewing on patches to a sash for DS and changing the title patch on DH’s Pathfinder uniform. I hope to have both caught up before bed tonight. There was lots of laundry and I still have bedding to get done, but must get back to the sewing. There are four more patches to put on the sash. DS will need to wear this as part of his uniform tomorrow night so I must get busy.

Knitting is very sporadic right now as there is tons to do to get ready for Christmas. The tree was put up on Black Friday instead of going shopping. I’m not overly fond of shopping with crowds so now will pay the price. I can’t wait to get it all done so I can move on to cooking and knitting as well as spending time with family. DD wants to make a gingerbread house from scratch this year so if we find time, I will go to Winco and pick up bulk supplies to decorate with. We haven’t done one from scratch in quite a few years and she has fond memories of it. DS doesn’t remember any but the ones that DSIL buys right after Christmas and keeps for the next year. She always hopes that the candy is pretty much nasty at that point so the kids won’t want to eat it. Guess this year we will have fresh candy. Oops! DD is also looking forward to putting frosted Mini-Wheats on the roof. I love the smell of the ginger but making and baking the house parts is always a huge undertaking and challenge.

Additionally there are a few more jars to fill with applesauce so I will need to get that done. We put up 8 quarts the other day, but I still have 12-14 jars. May have to slip those in somewhere. My rose hip jelly didn’t set properly so we had to reboil it, reboil the jars, and add another box of pectin. I think it will be properly jelled now.

So I’m off to sew patches and perhaps even knit a few stitches as there is a project or two screaming my name. I so need to finish DD’s sweater and DS’s second sock so I can start knitting on DS’s sweater. I’d like to get these things done soon! Hope your Christmassing is going well. I still have all of my shopping to do–commencing this Friday! Wish me luck!


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