Dead SD card, dead phone, way too busy!

Because I am so busy with getting ready for Christmas, planning the Pathfinder Bible Experience Competition events for our conference for January and February, and working towards changes in our homeschooling approach for DS, I have seen the link to add a post, but have just not found time to write anything of significance. There is lots happening here, just not lots of time to tell it all.

First of all, the saga of the phones. Yes, I said “phones” as in plural. A few weeks ago DH’s SD card in his android decided to bite the dust. We have never had this happen before and despite all attempts to get it going, there was nothing we could do. Off we went to the local cell phone store for our carrier to see what could be done. We were both eligible for an upgrade but had been putting such a task off as we didn’t want to increase our costs if we could avoid them. However, this lack of functionality meant that DH had to either purchase a new SD card or upgrade his phone. Since he had not been happy with the battery–it ran out of charge too fast– in his android, he was looking to make a change. I was looking to make sure we didn’t increase our expenses. As our options were laid out before us, it became clear that a new phone was most likely in order, particularly due to the battery issue. After careful inquiry, it was decided that we would both upgrade to Nokias, Windows 8.1 phones. For DH this was not a major learning curve, but for me, once again I would have to learn how to use a new system. My computer, after all, has a Windows 7 operating system. In a rare piece of good fortune, we were able to upgrade AND lower our monthly bill. For this we were most grateful. They were also able to extract DH’s contacts from the old phone and put them on the new one. I didn’t even think to have them move mine over, so I had to rebuild my contacts when I got back home. Thankfully, I had the information either in my computer or my planner.

With this behind us, I felt like we could move on and get busy with Christmas plans. Last Saturday night, DH and I went and purchased gifts for DD and DS and brought them home to hide away. We figured that we had it all planned and would just do a bit at a time. However, it was not to be that easy. Sunday DH and DS went under the house to tighten the tie-downs and also changed the oil in my car. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out until later in the evening after I got home from work that DS had forgotten to take his phone out of his back jeans pocket. He was not happy when he had to let us know that his phone had taken a ride through the washer in his jeans pocket and no matter what he did, the phone would not come on. DH had not checked the pockets when he put the jeans in the wash so we felt like they were both at fault. However, it turned out I was also partly to blame in this because when we purchased this phone originally, I had purchased it outright–not financed it–and had not purchased the insurance plan for it. So we had to figure out how to replace the phone and see if we could get his contacts back as well. We did try putting the phone in a bowl of rice after taking the back off and the battery out as I had read somewhere that someone had success with that, however it was not very successful and the phone did not work. The display still had water in it and the only sign of life in it was when we plugged it into the charger and then the light would come on, but we couldn’t charge the phone or get it to come on for use.

So today, DS and I went back to the store to see what we could get for him. He is helping pay for part of it, but since he was eligible for a slight upgrade, we took the least expensive phone in the list which turned out to be a newer model of his now dead android. After successfully extracting all eleven of his contacts and putting them on his new phone, DS and I went out to the car to head home. That’s when DS informed me that he couldn’t get the text message to go through to his friend. I told him to try and text me, and again he had no luck. So we turned the car off and went back inside. It turned out that they had not activated the SIM card so after a quick activation, al was well and we headed home to finally eat. I was so tempted to not get another phone for DS for awhile, but after two days of not being able to reach him when he was home by himself–yes, DH was there but asleep and had his own phone in the bedroom just in case work calls–I realized how much we had come to depend on being able to reach him and keep in touch. And yes, I did purchase the insurance this time!

As for being way too busy, I have been planning the two events for January and February and just hope that they work out. I still need several people for January and several for February. I also need to finish a couple of knitted items for Christmas: mittens for my niece and a scarf/cowl for someone else. The first mitten is over halfway done–no pictures yet–and I hope to get it finished very soon, but then I said that two days ago so I seriously need to see it to a finish. There is also a sock to finish for a pair for DS that I would dearly love to have done by Christmas as well as one more sleeve on DD’s sweater. With finals coming up for DS, I’m wondering if I can sneak in a bit of knitting while I wait for him? They are face-to-face and since it is a bit far for me to drive back easily, it is just a lot easier to wait. I have purchased one more gift for my FIL. I think he’ll like it but all gifts are hidden away because we can’t wrap them for a certain cat deciding they are perfect for attacking. We have had to remove all of the ornaments from the lower branches because of his “interest”.

So that’s the news in our corner of the universe! I can’t predict or guarantee when I will post again, but hopefully I will have progress to report in several areas. Good luck to my readers as you each prepare for the holidays and time with family!


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