A ragged start

After a relatively quiet New Year’s Day, other than taking DS to meet with his youth group to travel for a weekend retreat, things starting happening–and not necessarily in the best of ways. However, I once again have learned to trust in God and His plan. Last night when DH left for work, he had no more backed out of the driveway and started to pull down the road when we heard a strange “slap, slap” sound. He stopped immediately and after pulling his flashlight out of his work belt, pointed it to a very flat tire on the driver’s side rear of his vehicle. DD and I were still outside so I yelled at him to pull the car back in and take mine to work. He was warned that the passenger side front tire on mine “might” be the tiniest bit low, but it should be okay. Thankfully he made it in to work and back home this morning with no problems.

All evening while knitting and catching up on blogs, I wrestled with this problem in the back of my mind. So silly of me as God already had it worked out. This morning DH pulled in from work and after checking in on the progress of breakfast, went out to change to one of his all-weather tires and put the flat one in the back of his vehicle. In addition to the usual Friday morning errands–groceries, gas, etc–a visit to Les Schwab was in order to see what had happened and if the tire could be fixed or if we’d have to replace it. Because these were the studded snow tires, I was really praying hard that we wouldn’t have to replace it because that might actually mean replacing two tires and those are even more expensive than the all-weather tires. While he was outside in the cold–9°F–taking care of his vehicle, I was trying to get breakfast on and find out how much the paychecks were this time as today was payday.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the online banking account only to find that my check had not been posted. It wasn’t too early to check as most every payday I check it that early, so I began to worry as to what had happened. I didn’t really have time to sit around and make phone calls about my check when DH’s tire needed fixing so he could go to work tonight. I closed the browser and logged back in a couple of times with no change. DH suggested that I email my boss as it was too early yet to call back to corporate in Nashville to see what was happening. We hadn’t received any notification of a delay so I was beginning to worry. About a half hour later, I checked again as I hadn’t heard from my boss–who was probably getting ready to go into work–and low and behold, my check was suddenly there. What relief! I quickly emailed my boss to let her know that all was well only to learn that she had a similar experience yesterday for her check and was going to go back and see if hers had finally been posted. Again, I could see God trying to teach me patience and taking  care of things.

After a quick breakfast, dishes were piled in the sink and I went out to begin the process of defrosting DH’s car. It already had a thin layer of frozen condensation on it. Being in a hurry to get to Les Schwab as soon after opening as possible, I was frustrated that the car wouldn’t defrost quicker. However, once I got started and down to their location, I was again blessed by a day that was starting very slow for them. They took the car back and I sat down to text DH and let him know that I was waiting to learn the verdict. After about a half hour, I saw the car being backed out of one of the bays and being pulled around to the front of the store. I was called up to the counter only to learn that the tire was repaired and even better, there was no charge! When I asked what caused the flat, the young man told me it was a small piece of metal. All I could do was praise God for His providence.

DH was down to a quarter tank of gas so I headed to Costco to fill up. As most everyone knows, gas has not always been that cheap in our part of the country, but we had been seeing prices that were coming down closer to $2. At the intersection near Fred Meyer, I noticed they were only charging $1.99 per gallon and I was tempted to pull in. However, Costco has proven to be just a bit cheaper than them, so I drove on hoping that I was not making a poor decision. Another opportunity for praise to God came when I pulled in and the gas was $1.96 per gallon. I didn’t have to go out of the way and it was just a bit cheaper. Of course, I was still in a bit of shock that it was down below $2. We hadn’t seen it that low in several years.

I filled the tank and headed on to make my last three stops–bank, grocery store, and stop for chicken feed and heat lamp. By this time I knew DH was sleeping and on my way home from the last stop, I called DD so she could help me unload everything.

When I relayed what had happened while I was out, we both could only feel blessed by God. But just to make sure that I didn’t get to excited or prideful, I received a text from one of the leaders of the youth group that DS was with. It seems that DS’s phone is not wanting to turn on even after he charged it. I don’t know if it got too cold, or if it has died. Thankfully we will be able to communicate via this leader and when he gets home, we will have to go see what is wrong. This time I can at least say that we have the Jump coverage on it so hopefully we can find out what’s wrong and either fix it or change it without having to buy another phone.

So it is a bit of a “ragged” start to the new year, however we know that God is with us and that is all that matters. Hopefully your new year is going well and also includes God.


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