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Today was the first school day of the new semester for DS. It seemed only fitting that it be nice and cold with freezing rain coming down. I wouldn’t have minded so much except there was a fine sheet of ice on the front sidewalk and driveway when I came back from dropping DD off at work and a spot of shopping. My car had to be filled with gas while I was out after finding lovely thermal underwear at Wal-Mart for DH and DS when they go winter camping at the end of the month. It would have been really nice if I had been able to purchase a set for me and just slip them on as it was SSSOOOO very cold. I think the wet, cold, and damp weather just made it feel colder.

DS wasn’t sure what to make of all that was expected of him for lessons today, but after some work and discussion about what could be accomplished, he set to work. We are going to have to review part of his Algebra 2 as he feels like he has forgotten part of it. I’m sure it will all come rushing back quickly once we get going fully. He is working on reading his section of Matthew in the Bible in preparation for the competition in less than two weeks. It is a form of Bible Bowl with a total of 90 questions. There will be four teams of kids competing this time and in February there will be five teams. Tomorrow he will also work on his Pinewood Derby car as it needs to be completed by February 12. They will be running their cars on tracks on February 22. Today I purchased the various “necessary” colors of paint for him to work on his Minecraft Creeper which is the design for his car.

The remaining classes DS will be working to complete are the second half of Biology, a return to German–we are reviewing right now as it has been over two years since he has worked on it, World History with DH, American Literature combined with Composition/Grammar/Vocabulary, Introduction to Engineering, and later we will add in C++ programming. The American Literature is actually the second half of the year and will be spent reading a lot of classics from American authors. Composition will consist of one essay to be written each week. This week’s chosen essay is a descriptive essay about a person. He will need to have the five paragraphs in final form by Friday. Grammar is only on Monday, while Vocabulary is only on Friday. All of the reading will take place during the week and is meant to encourage him to make good reading choices and read lots and lots again.

DD still has this week off of school, though she is working in the afternoons at her part time job. She has her textbook for the class she signed up for and has already paid for her actual class. I don’t think she’s anxious to start back though as she has enjoyed her break.

Two weeks from today DH will begin his day shift at work. It will be nice to be back on that schedule although I don’t expect it to be a real easy switch as he has been on nights for four years. This change will come just before the first competition in January which I am finalizing all my plans for. I’m praying that I continue to get over my cold and get proper sleep so that I will be well rested and prepared.

Hopefully wherever you are, you are staying warm and dry. We are staying inside as much as possible except for the trip to take DD to work and pick her up. The chickens didn’t even want to go out today into the elements, but DS was able to collect six eggs from them. They are providing us with six to nine eggs per day which means that most of them are no longer molting. It is about time! Hopefully next time I will have pictures of the socks that were finished over the weekend for DS. Yes, the green socks are finally done!


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