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DS has been reluctant, for reasons only knows, to try on the new socks that I finished for him. This has been very frustrating to me as I wanted to put a picture or two up on Ravelry for the Socks with Sarah KAL that is ending on the 14th of the month. He has always enjoyed wearing the socks I make, so I wasn’t sure what to make about this. Finally this morning he put on the socks and we attempted to take pictures. With the dense fog creating darker insides and outsides of the house, it wasn’t the easiest thing to get a decent picture. The darkest picture before we turned on the flash is actually the most accurate color.

Socks in poor lighting

Socks in poor lighting

The funny thing is that Scooter decided he really wanted to inspect the socks at that moment and be in the picture, too. socks! Wonder how much trouble I'd get in if I decided to knead them?

Hmmm…new socks! Wonder how much trouble I’d get in if I decided to knead them?

Scooter has never interfered with a photo shoot before so this was quite amusing. DS finally scooped him up so that he wouldn’t get in the way.

To recap on these socks, they are Small Tiles socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks in Men’s size 12. The yarn is Knit Picks Essential in the Grass colorway and they were knit on Size 0 Harmony dpns from Knit Picks. I thought they would never get done.

Heel and side view

Heel and side view

And now that DS has the socks on, they haven’t come back off! He’s so very funny. They probably won’t come off until he has to put on his Class A uniform for Pathfinders tonight. They don’t exactly work with the uniform.

Since I have finished these socks, I have been working on the second sleeve of DD’s sweater. However, I can’t really cart the sweater around as it isn’t very portable with two pages of charts and the sleeves being knit from the shoulder down to the wrist on the sweater. It’s nice to not have to seam it, but not so portable. So, I must get another portable project on the needles. My plan is to put a pair of hiking socks in DK yarn this time on the needles for DS’s size 12 feet. Hopefully they will go faster than the ones above. I will try out this pattern. Now to find appropriate yarn. I may have to go shopping online as my DK stash is pretty much non-existent.


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