Last post of the month…I think?

The sun is shining brightly and the inversion is nowhere in sight. This is wonderful EXCEPT, I’m fighting round #2 of this crud that likes to hit us all this year. Wednesday I felt fine other than an occasional chill. I didn’t feel particularly warm, but then it was up into the 40s by the end of the day so not real warm yet. That evening between 8 and 9 I must have fallen asleep in my chair because I woke up awhile later feeling like I had taken quite a solid nap. With this not being a regular occurrence for me, I wasn’t sure what to think. And even though I knew I had taken a nap, I wasn’t rested.

As I thought back on the day, I didn’t really have anything I could pin the need for an evening nap to. Yes, DH and DS finally disposed of our two fighting roosters, but that shouldn’t have made me sleepy. Even stranger, I had no problem crawling into bed and sleeping all night.

Yesterday, I crawled out of bed between 6:30 and 7 to get started on another school day with DS. He had a good bit of ground to cover followed by Pathfinders in the evening. My sinuses were a bit congested, but not that much more than normal. In between texts from my older sister keeping us all up-to-date on how my dad was doing during his latest hospital visit, I completed GPID’s bills and taught DS. As the day wore on, I didn’t really notice that I felt any different, though by the time I went to pick DD up from work, I was starting to get tired. When we arrived back home, I decided to check my temperature as I felt warm, but my hands were cold. Sure enough–96.6°. What a bummer as it was the low temp again, meaning a virus that had to be worn out.

Thankfully I managed to stay awake until DH came home from Pathfinders with DS and we talked a bit. However, I fell asleep in my chair again and this time when I woke up I went straight in and laid down on the bed to sleep some more. Sometime around midnight I woke up long enough to change to a t-shirt and fell back asleep. This morning I woke up and felt hot, so poked my toes outside the covers. It didn’t take long and they came back in. After doing this a couple of times, I decided to just stay under the covers and warm up.

Today I am taking it a bit slower, though unfortunately I still had to go out and run errands. With DH and DS leaving in the morning for an overnight backpacking trip, there were a few more things to be done. We also had to pick up chicken feed and straw, find/pack/mail off the computer back to K12, and I needed to go pick up a prescription for DH and groceries for the next week. I set DS to his studies and went off to see what could be done. By the time I came back home around 12:30, I was VERY tired and HUNGRY!

DS’s schoolwork has been graded this afternoon and I have been taking it at a slower pace while DH and DS took the package to the UPS drop off and went to purchase a stove and fuel–which turned into a few other things being added. Now I need to mix up the pizza dough for supper and then try to stay awake this evening. I REALLY WANT TO KNIT!!!


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