Slowly getting back into the groove

Slowly but surely a new routine is establishing itself. There haven’t been any real big changes to my schedule, just a “digging” back in to see how it can all come back together. While I miss my dad something fierce, the busyness of life is helping me to move on. I will never forget my dad and all he taught me that changed my outlook on life. His influence will always be treasured.

While knitting happened during my visit to see family, most of what I did has since been ripped out and restarted. I didn’t listen to my instincts and tried to knit up a sock in DK wool with too many stitches. It has been ripped back and hopefully will go better this time around. The sock was set aside for several weeks while I finished up the red/green/brown  lace scarf/cowl. Hopefully pictures will be taken soon after a proper blocking and purchase of a pin to hold it together around the neck. I knitted as long as I dared and have just the smallest bit of yarn left after binding off.

With a wedding looming on the horizon in May, I am back at work on my cross stitch project. I now have a date to put on, though it will be the very last thing to add. Setting aside time each day to work on this is a challenge, but I am pursuing it as best I can. Unfortunately, I can only work an hour or two at most each time because I have to stitch with my glasses off. The infamous bifocals need to be checked again as I think the lower half is no longer working so well. My eyes tire easily and when I am trying to cross stitch on 28-count, it seems pretty small. Still, it will be beautiful (I hope)! Once completed and framed, we plan to take it with us when we travel back to visit with family this summer. I would not want to risk shipping this after so many hours put into it. There won’t be any pictures until after it is delivered, so my readers will just have to practice patience for a wee bit.

Now I’m off to finish my coffee–a terrible headache doesn’t want to go away and Tylenol is just not cutting it this time–and then make fruit smoothies for DS and I before we leave for Pathfinders this evening. The casserole is baking for our supper, too! I think I will take some knitting and perhaps the Algebra book along tonight!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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