Spring Break

Yay for Spring Break! There are many ways that you can define Spring Break. First is it a break from all of your regular routine? Is it a time to do something totally different for one week? Is it a break from school for the kids and teaching for those of us who homeschool?

This week has been a bit of everything. While I haven’t been teaching/facilitating the study of schoolwork, there has been plenty of plotting and planning for the remainder of this school year and the beginning of the same for next year for DS. Thankfully, we have had some rain to keep us inside and facilitate this. However, it hasn’t been just about school centered activities and planning. Just read this rundown of the week so far:

  1. Sunday was the usual work day for me. The family was home and after sleeping in, they completed the heaps and piles of laundry that usually accumulate from Wednesday evening to the following Sunday. Inclement weather and a general need to relax made laundry the only thing of pressing necessity.
  2. On Monday, we were forced out of bed by a need to get DS up and ready in time to spend the day hiking and scouting out different hiking areas with two Pathfinder leaders. While he was off dodging hail and rain, DH, DD and I headed off to the new library to check it out. After a somewhat overwhelming introduction to large, wide-open spaces with plenty of people, books, tables, and noise, we settled down to the serious business of finding a few books each to bring home. I think the new library will be a hit despite even DS finding it a bit overwhelming when I returned with him yesterday to check it out.
  3. Monday afternoon, DH and I had a few errands to run–fill the car with gas, pick up a few items at Costco, pick up a few items at Lowe’s, and most important, a date with DH to Coldstone Creamery. What a treat! We love going there, though it is not very often to keep it special when we do go. DH chose Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle, and Coffee ice creams while I chose Chocolate Truffle ice cream and Lemon sorbet. What was most special about our date however was not the ice cream–though it was very delicious–but the time to talk together and be with each other. We are so busy normally and it was nice to just slow down and spend time together.
  4. Monday night’s supper was another treat for everyone–Papa John’s pizza and breadsticks. Again, this is something we usually don’t do as it isn’t that cheap, but the kids needed a treat!
  5. Tuesday was spent sorting through paperwork and trying to get more done on the cross stitch sampler. I hope that by bedtime tonight I can roll it forward. I know that has been said before, but this time I hope it actually happens. Anyway, binders of patterns for knitting projects and cross stitch projects were sorted through and patterns that no longer held my interest were discarded. Like many of my readers my tastes have changed over the years. I can’t believe I actually liked some of the designs. Having sorted those out, I did set aside two separate binders–one for cross stitch projects that I hope to pursue in the very near future and one for knitting projects that I hope to see flying off my needles. Additionally three loaves of bread were made.
  6. Today was spent doing laundry again as I always do it on Wednesday and then Sunday. While laundry was going, I baked two more loaves of bread, sorted through another small pile of books and patterns looking for a pattern for a crochet afghan that would work with lots of bits and bobs, and this afternoon, I pulled some weeds out front while DH and DS cut down one “barrel” bush, part of another, and trimmed  two other bushes out front. There are still several bushes to trim, but it was a good start. They will both be VERY sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have a meeting with a friend to plan for an event in the fall and another in the fall of 2017. We are hoping to finalize plans and get them out to all parties involved. DH and DS will be helping GPID cut down two dead trees in back of his house and I will go over his bills. I’m hoping to get another two loaves of bread baked off as well, but that means I will have to get up early and get them going so they are done before I leave for my meeting.

So Spring Break for us is a combination of several things: break in regular routine, break from regular school schedule, and break to do different projects. So far it has been fairly productive and I hope the rest of it will continue to be productive as well. If you are taking a well-deserved Spring Break, I hope it ends up being exactly what you planned!

PS: The chickens are not laying as much as I would like since the weather took a decidedly cold turn Monday. I so don’t want to raise baby chicks this year, but am wondering if that is going to have to happen so we can get more eggs. Some days we are getting as few as 2 from 11 hens–and yes, we have been checking all over to see where they might be hiding them. So far nothing. When it starts warming up–instead of the 27 degrees that we wake to–we get 6-9 eggs. I know some of the 3-year-old hens aren’t laying as many, but we have several 1 and 2 year olds. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the neighbor who buys eggs from DS wants more to buy. I’m trying to balance the feed and other supplies costs as we purchase those out of our family budget instead of DS buying them from his egg money. He doesn’t make enough to cover that part and we don’t ask him to. The purpose of taking care of the hens and selling the eggs is to help DS learn to have a good work ethic and how to hold down a job, no matter what it is. Hopefully it will work out.

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