Still no pictures…they will come

Currently there are still no pictures. The cross stitch cannot be photographed and pictures posted as the proverbial cat would be out of the bag. There is progress to report even so. I was able to roll a whole section forward in the frame and start extending the border. Hopefully when I get to the last section at the bottom, everything will meet properly. It would be nice to have this done in just over a month, however I imagine I will have a little bit longer than that to finish up. Still, when I get it done I will be able to put another project on the frame so I am feeling the push to see it to the finish.

To update the rest of this Spring break week, I have the following:

  • Thursday–was that just yesterday?–was spent taking care of updating GPID’s finances, a meeting with a friend/fellow area coordinator regarding honors for two Pathfinder events, and taking DS to Pathfinders. The first went quickly, though I was later getting over to his house to complete the task than I wished. The meeting to choose the honors for two Pathfinder events was very productive. I believe we have a plan of action and I just need to type it up and get it to DH as the conference director. We have been trying since before Christmas to nail this down and I do believe we have it. Next week I will have to make a couple of phone calls to verify information, but it is looking really good. While DS was at Pathfinders, I sat in the car and worked on Algebra 2 lessons for next week. There are two lessons completed so far with only one part of one problem that I’m not sure how they arrived at the answer they did.
  • Last night I completed some cross stitch work on the border and went to bed too late. Unfortunately morning came at the same time so I had to step on it. DD didn’t want to get up and she had promised me that we would go shopping at Penney’s to find her some black pants and/or a black skirt. DH had also talked her into looking for a lightweight jacket (windbreaker style). Once we arrived at Penney’s, we quickly went through the junior miss and women’s racks and she came away with a pair of black pants for Pathfinders complete with belt loops and inner pockets, a black skirt for work and/or church, and a purple top that was on sale and in a fabric that she likes.We couldn’t find the choices for lightweight jackets, so I convinced her that we needed to check out Wal-Mart. She found a jacket in the men’s section that looked neutral enough for girls and we picked up cat food and two spirals. I also found a pair of black pants that fit nicely to wear with my class A uniform for Pathfinders.
  • Since I still needed to purchase gas and it was almost lunch time, we stopped to fill up at Costco. Thankfully they are much cheaper than the other stations and brands around here. Lunch was eaten at home and consisted of leftover casserole. I was hungry, but nothing sounded good. After a trip to D&B Supply to pick up the remaining seeds for plants I wanted to start, I finally took care of my weekly grocery shopping trip. I have to confess this is a task I would gladly pass up but everyone likes to eat, so I bit the bullet and did what I should.
  • After shopping, I came home, unloaded the groceries, checked out the lawn that the guys had nicely mowed and trimmed (and trimmings and clippings were given to the chickens), mixed up and backed off some chocolate chip/yellow cake mix bars and layered a pan of poor man’s lasagna. The pizza dough makings were also layered into the bread machine.

So it has been busy, but productive. The guys completed several projects and hope to top off the weekend with making a new gate for the chicken pen on Sunday, while I am at work. While there are other projects to get done, it is good to see these out of the way. Now I’m off to get some sleep as we have early church at 9. We also have a memorial service to attend and everyone is coming over for supper. It will be a busy, but hopefully productive weekend. And hopefully your weekend will be just what you need!


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