Baking, etc.

In addition to the usual Friday chores of grocery shopping, cleaning house, baking/cooking for the weekend and finishing up schoolwork for the week, DD had to be taken to the vision center at Wal-Mart to have one of the nose pieces replaced on  her glasses. I was quite surprised, but when she went to clean them today, one of the nose pieces broke off, so after a few frustrated exclamations and a change of clothes, she and I headed off to get them repaired. On the way back home, we stopped by Costco to fill up the car and pick up toilet paper and coffee. Unfortunately, a case of water and a box of Gogurts ended up in the shopping basket as well. I was very frustrated because they had a special on a package of 32 Gogurts for $4.89 and I had just paid $4.77 a bit earlier in the morning at Winco for a package of 16! Since we always freeze these to put in smoothies and DH’s lunch, I put the extra package in the freezer in the garage for later.

The afternoon was filled with other activities (one of which will have its own separate post next) and then DH went to watch videos on YouTube. That was when he noticed that there was one very small spot on his screen that was blurry. He moved his head to look elsewhere and saw the same. I asked him to remove his glasses and look at a book to see if maybe it was just dirty glasses. Unfortunately he gave the same response. After cleaning his glasses, nothing changed, either. At that point, I was ready to haul him into the eye doctor to find out what was going on. However, when I called the eye doctor, I was told that he had gone home for the day and we should call his regular medical doctor. After calling the clinic where he usually sees his doctor, we learned that the doctor was out but he could see one of their PAs. Since this weekend is going to be super busy and we were scared  concerned about what was going on, I told him I was taking him to the PA to have them make sure it wasn’t something urgent.

As we drove to the clinic, the blurriness started to go away, however we decided he still needed to be checked out just in case there was something they could see. Since his coworker was recently diagnosed with cancer when a lump was found on the back of his head and he was only given six months to two years to live, we were doubly concerned. After all, his had started out with blurred vision. The triage nurse took his vitals and asked lots of questions, as well as conducted an eye exam. Then the PA came in and talked to him a bit. She looked in his eyes and told him she didn’t see anything nor did any of his vitals indicate a problem. However, she referred him to an opthamologist for next week and told us that if it came back, he was to go to the ER. We took care of the copay and while DH drove us home I gave instructions to DD and DS on making the pizza. The dough in the bread machine was done and the pizza needed to be made.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the pizza however it was delicious. They chose to put two pepperoncini peppers on one slice, mushroom slices on half of the pizza, and added sliced olives, as well as bell peppers on the entire pizza. This was over a homemade sauce, and topped by Mozzarella cheese. It truly was delicious and we all ate heartily.

Once the dishes and kitchen was cleaned up after supper, I started another batch of dough in the bread machine to make these:



I haven’t made sweet rolls in a long time so this was fun and they will be great with a light glaze topping of vanilla and confectioners sugar for breakfast with scrambled eggs and Stripples in the morning. They smell delicious and it will be hard to wait until morning!


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