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As alluded to in the previous post, different and unusual things were happening at our house. Let me set the stage:

This weekend is the annual Pathfinder Fair for our conference. On Sunday, we will attend and facilitate this event with 120-150 other adults and kids from age 4 through adult, Activities will include a grand parade of the nine clubs, drill and marching competitions, inspections of uniforms and booths, a soapbox derby while culminating in an award ceremony to finish off the year. This will be a full day and is one of two days that I take off of work for as there is a lot of work to be done that day to make everything flow smoothly.

Additionally, at the end of this event the directors of each club will meet with the administrative staff to go over any final information at the end of the year. This is the Council group that will meet and one of the items that DH will be emphasizing will be our participating in the Click for Babies project. Information can be found at this link. This is a program that we want to get our clubs involved in as it will not only help others to become aware of this problem, but will also encourage our staff in each club to teach the crochet and knitting honors to the kids.

In his ongoing effort to encourage all directors, staff, and kids to participate, DH announced two nights ago that he wanted me to teach him how to crochet so that he could “model” what he would like to see by doing this himself. So when he came home from work this afternoon, we sat down with some of my scrap yarn and two crochet hooks to tackle this project. His plan was to have a small beginning swatch to show Sunday at Council to encourage others to follow his lead. After several tries, a change of ball of yarn, and a change of hook size for him to learn with DH learned how to make a chain and then how to complete several rows of single crochet stitches. We started with this and once he is comfortable with the single crochet and chain stitches, we will tackle the double crochet stitch. This is the one we will need to practice as the hat pattern we chose because it looked the easiest to make.

I have to say that I am most proud of DH because he has not tackled anything like this before, but even though we had to rip out and redo several times, he persisted and now has made a good start to show for his efforts. He has also informed me that once we purchase the purple and gray yarn to make hats for boys, crochet said hats, which they say they need lots of, then he would like me to teach him how to knit so he can model that as well. The hope is to make hats here at home and have help in the clubs making these purple hats to donate. We did learn that until we can get a chapter started in Idaho, we will most likely have to donate to a chapter in Oregon.

With the progress that was made today, I can’t wait to see how many we will get done. Of course, DS informed me that he thinks this program is important, however he won’t be learning how to crochet one of these right now. I’ll be curious to see what he says when his clubmates start crocheting and knitting hats as their part in this project.

So check out the project and if you want, consider making and donating hats to your local chapter. We’re going to promote it and hopefully start a chapter in Idaho for collecting hats and distributing them as well as teaching the Pathfinders to do this for others as one of their many community service projects.


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