Steady pace

Just a quick update to let you know where things are at:

  • The chickens are still only laying 4-5 eggs a day. We are keeping track of # eggs per day, feed, and I need to add low and high temperatures for each day. Yesterday we woke to 31°F and the high was 69°. This morning it was 44° when I got out of bed and the high today was 83°. I’m wondering if they are just confused or what. In a week and a half we will most likely go back to the other feed to see if that makes any difference. For now we are using Purina Layer Pellets. When we change back, we will be using Nutrena Layer Pellets.
  • The amaryllis now has four blossoms all open. I will need to take a picture and add it later, but for now we can report that it has fully blossomed and the blossoms are a very pretty red. DS needs to take final measurements and write up his lab report for Biology now.
  • DH is still working on his double crochet stitches and hoping to start soon making his first hat for the Click for Babies challenge. He has challenged all of the Pathfinder directors to learn to knit or crochet if they don’t know how already and to make at least one hat for this challenge. Additionally one of the coordinators on our team has challenged the directors to make more hats within their clubs than those that our team will make. She gave each of our team a bag with two patterns and a skein of purple yarn. I think I must get busy! DD also received a bag and she and I have a trip to the store planned to pick up the double-pointed needles in the right size that she wants to use for hers. I am hoping to pick up another size H crochet hook and a skein each of white, black, and gray yarn in the same type as was in my bag. MUST. GET. BUSY.
  • Though I was not able to get any cross stitching done today, I put in a good 1 to 1 1/2 hours last night. This morning I contacted my sister to confirm the last name to put on the sampler. That is where I am at. MUST. FINISH. SOON.
  • After a wonderful but very busy Sunday at Pathfinder Fair, we are slowly getting back into the groove of school–that is DS is. I have had to dig in and get busy as there is so much to do to finish in time. Algebra 2 is particularly kicking our backsides right now, but we are fighting it. Each day we complete another lesson and early in June we will concentrate on completing two lessons per day. That should be plenty enough.
  • Yesterday two loaves of bread were baked along with a batch of energy cookies. This was important as I was getting low on bread and had sent the last energy cookie with DH in the morning. Now I won’t have to make any more until the middle of next month. Today I baked another two loaves of bread and I’m debating as to whether or not I want to bake two more tomorrow. The bread does particularly well on the days that I do laundry and since Wednesday is laundry day, I’m tempted. However, I will have to see how everything goes as I have a meeting at work tomorrow afternoon to attend.
  • And lastly, the yard isn’t mowed yet :(. It was supposed to be mowed today, but DS didn’t finish his schoolwork in time and DH had to hold over an extra four hours at work so we will have to try for tomorrow. If we don’t do it soon, it will really look bad. Also, it needs to be mowed so that I can water all of the trees, flower beds, and fruit bushes. Then I will need to finish the weeding. There is always something to do. DH said he would try to till the garden either this Friday or next Monday as we need to get the plants in and the seeds planted.

That’s it for now. Like many of you we are praying for those in Nepal as well as for the leaders and citizens of our country during these trying times! May God keep each of you in His care.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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2 Responses to Steady pace

  1. claire93 says:

    4-5 a day probably means that they are all laying at least a couple a week. Maybe it is just a question of age. I’m only a novice, but the one-a-day seems to only be during the first year of a hen’s egg-laying life and even then not with all hens. We’ll have to see how we’re doing in 12 months time ^^

    • I’m thinking that probably we will have to consider adding a few new hens before the summer is over. We are also hoping that maybe one of our hens will become broody and sit on a nest. We had one last year that tried, but only gave us one rooster. Time will tell and I will keep updating. We are so spoilt with fresh eggs and to not have as many and having to purchase them is just not the same.

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