Amazing brrrr!

It never ceases to amaze me how the weather can change on such a whim. Monday we had 80°+ temperature with nights in the upper 40s and since there was no snow on the mountains and it was just one week prior to Mother’s Day, DH tilled the garden and I spent the last two days planting the first half. Tuesday I planted 30 tomato plants and six long red cayenne pepper plants, as well as broke up two elephant garlic bulbs and planted them. DS also planted four other plants, but we don’t know if they are watermelon or honey dew plants or a combination.

Yesterday I planted three rows of green beans, two rows of okra, 2/3 row of white onion starts and 1/3 row of red onion starts. I still need to plant my jalapeño plants, beefsteak tomato plants, cabbage plants, and my herb plants: dill, basil, and oregano. The rhubarb and rosemary plants also need to go into the ground. Tomorrow when I went to get the chicken feed, chick starter feed, shavings, and baby chicks, I was going to pick up black turtle bean and green pea seeds to put in when I plant the rest of the other seeds that aren’t in the ground yet (cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini squash, etc.).

However, here’s the BIG problem: This morning we woke up to temperatures in the low 40s with a windchill of 33°. It hasn’t warmed up much and feels very cold. I am hoping and praying that my plants make it through. Most of the plants have either a water wall or carton of some sort around them to shield them from the cold wind. The peppers are still very low to the ground because I buried them way down deep with just their leaves sticking out. The rest are seeds, onion starters, and bulbs that either aren’t up yet or not tall enough to be affected. Still, I really want my garden to take off and having just been informed by GPID that there is fresh snow in the nearby mountains that I cannot see is not what I really want to hear.

So tomorrow, I will still pick up the seeds as they can be purchased anytime. But it will be next week or so before I finish planting the second half of the garden and I will pray that I don’t have to repurchase seeds and plants to replace what is in the first half. After all, the tomato and pepper plants are ones that I started because I didn’t want to pay $3.68 per plant when I could start my own for a few packages of seeds that cost me less than that for those 36 plants.

CHICKEN UPDATE: DH and DS began work on the “renovations” for the baby chicks yesterday afternoon. The hole is cut in the top of the “dog house” that is being “renovated” and plans were made as to how this will be accomplished. I have been informed that a trip to Lowe’s is necessary today to purchase screws, hinges, filling foam, and door handles. Then they should be able to finish their work and get everything ready for our new chicks. If all works out as they plan, we will have a nice location right next to the chicken coop with eventual access to the chicken coop when they are old enough for the chicks. This should ultimately be a great place to put baby chicks in and thus avoid the grand mess–and “wonderful” smell–in our garage.

Unfortunately today there are no pictures, but that’s just how it has to be. Lastly, I have moved past the ribbing on the knitted hat for the Click for Babies project and since it is cold and windy outside today, I will be inside working on this hat AND getting more cross stitch completed on the sampler. I so want to get this done and something else in the frame. There are so many projects both inside and outside the house “calling my name.”


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