A date…

Just a quick post to say that it is possible to arrange a “date” with your better half when you enlist the aid of your kids. After conversations and bargaining with DD and DS, I was able to tell DH that we were leaving the kids in charge of the mowing and weed whacking this afternoon when he arrived home from work. We climbed into DH’s car and headed for Lowe’s where we picked up the remaining necessary items for DH and DS to complete the renovations on the chickens’ home, weather stripping for the back door, a new filter for the furnace, as well as glue and pvc pipe parts to fix the pipe under the kitchen sink. It was fun to discuss projects with DH and pick up the items he needs.

After all the hard work of obtaining parts of projects, I asked DH where he would like to go for a treat and talk before we headed back home. Despite having ice cream sundaes at work today, he chose to go to Coldstone Creamery. With his dish of Fudge Truffle and Tart Cherry Sorbet and my dish of Fudge Truffle and Raspberry Sorbet, we settled down to have a brief chat before heading back home. DH had some very good advice/suggestions for me for handling DS and his Algebra, so we will try them out this next week. I will also have to add salad and additional exercise to my routine to make up for the ice cream.

And lest you think we didn’t have enough ice cream, DH brought home a lovely Mother’s Day card and a half gallon of Mountain Blackberry ice cream that is in the freezer. We had a small bite of it after supper (mostly the kids and DH had it as I chose to have a very small serving). The rest is in the freezer where it needs to stay for now.

DD mowed the front yard, the neighbor’s front yard, and was working on our back yard when we arrived home. DS was relaxing after getting some of the weed whacking done. They will have to add that to their chore list on Sunday, but at least this Sunday they have a free day to get a few projects dealt with.

The chicks and their supplies were not brought home today as we are behind on that project, but hopefully I can go on Monday and pick up six chicks, shavings, chick feed, chicken layer pellets, and a new waterer for the babies. We have decided to get two black Astralorps, two black Sexlinks, one brown Leghorn, and one New Hampshire Red. Originally we were only going to get four, but with the new breeds available, we will add the last two to try out. If they work out well, we will add more to our flock later. I did however pick up two more elephant garlic bulbs from the grocery store for the garden. They will be planted next week with the other seeds and plants.

And lastly before I stop, this week I completed three hats for the Click for Babies project. Two of them are crocheted, and one is knitted. They are all from the same purple skein. I am hoping that I can get one small preemie hat out of the last bit of this skein and then I will move on to the yarn I purchased and a different pattern. But before that, I need to spend some more time in cross stitch-ville. With my niece’s wedding tomorrow and even though we will not be attending it, I want to finish it soon.Wish me luck and lots of perseverance.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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