Happy Mother’s Day and thankfulness for a patient DH and family

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, soon-to-be mothers, want-to-be mothers, and mothers to fur babies! Yes, all of you are important whether your children are still with you or not and whether your “children” are your furry family. Because I had to work yesterday, DH graciously brought home a lovely card that is standing on the counter to remind me how much I am loved and a half gallon of Mountain Blackberry ice cream. It seems we were thinking of the same thing because I had purchased two half gallons of ice cream when I bought groceries. At least he exercised more restraint than I did!

Then I was further surprised at church on Sabbath morning by DS’s “secret” that he had kept for one whole week. Before the sermon, a video was played of different children in the church talking about why the liked/loved their mom or grandmother. Most of these were cute small children with a sprinkling of teenagers. Then, DS came on and when he said that he loved his mom “because I can tell all my troubles to her” and then even said, “I love you, Mom”, I all but cried. At almost 15 years old, this was really putting it out there in front of everyone and made me feel so special. Selfishly, I really needed to hear this after all the fights over his Algebra lessons the last two weeks and my self doubts about whether or not this form of homeschooling was best for him. Thankfully, God knew I needed to hear this.

Saturday night we went over to GPID’s house where my DSIL and her friend had put together a lovely birthday celebration of haystacks followed by angel food cake with creamy vanilla ice cream and chopped fresh strawberries. Oh my, was it ever good! And I felt extra special because they remembered my favorite birthday cake and trimmings. However, due to a work day yesterday, it was off to home to see if I could go somewhat “early to bed” for an “early to rise”.

Work yesterday both at the hospital and at home progressed busily. We had lots of patients to take care of which made the day go a bit faster than some. It was sad to see so many mothers having to spend Mother’s Day in the ER either with their older mothers, for themselves, or with their sick children. Periodically I received emails from DH informing me of all the wonderful things they were doing–that is after he informed me that he took the time to clean our bathroom and I promptly made a hash of things by fussing at him for doing my chores. DH, DS, and DD were very busy with DH and DS renovating the dog house to be a brooder house for baby chicks that hopefully will be picked up tomorrow. DH also replaced the weather stripping on the back door, purchased a new sprinkler for the back yard and garden and proceeded to water the garden, purchased and installed a light bulb in the garage door opener, and replaced/fixed the plumbing under the kitchen sink so that it no longer has to be propped up to keep from leaking. It was definitely a busy day. DS helped with some of these projects and took care of his own list. DD kept the laundry going and put away.

So was I grateful? Ultimately I was very grateful for all that they did, however I could have expressed it much better. After two weeks of fighting with DS, not keeping the house as clean as I wished (thank you, DH for cleaning and forgive me for fussing about it, please?), not getting all of my many projects and things on my “To Do” list done, as well as being tired and generally frustrated because things just weren’t coming together the way I wished and I just couldn’t be everything and do everything, I was a fussy, complainy, lump of mushy frustrated tears. Oh how awful I felt despite my wonderful family trying their very best to make it a wonderful Mother’s Day even though I wasn’t home. I wish that I could blame it on the weather, hormones, tiredness, or all of the above, but truth be told, I have absolutely no excuse that is truly valid!

The most wonderful thing though is that my family forgave me my bad attitude and ungratefulness when I asked, and while I feel really bad about how I handled things, I know that I can count on their forgiveness and they will give me a second chance, or third, or fourth or millionth chance because THEY LOVE ME! And in the end that is what matters because I can do better and make up for it all by loving them!

The lesson in this is that I learned how NOT to handle things, hopefully how to be more grateful, how forgiving my family is and that not only do they love me, but I will ALWAYS LOVE THEM! Hold onto your family because they are a gift from God and for me they are one of the best gifts that you will ever receive. Don’t ever take this gift or any gift from God for granted!

Happy Mother’s Day to one and all!


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