More garden planting and updates on chickens

Four or five of the original tomato plants did not make it, so they were replaced by older plants from my miniature greenhouse today. I also planted the peas, another two separated bulbs of elephant garlic, a hill of watermelon seeds, a hill of honey dew seeds, a bunch of jalapeño plants, five  or six pepperoncini plants, five dill plants, five or six sweet basil, five or six oregano, and five or six cabbage plants. This leaves me with only a couple of potential strawberry plants, my rhubarb plant in a pot, and my rosemary plant all in the miniature greenhouse. I hope to have them planted this weekend. Next payday I will need to order in black turtle bean seeds as no one seems to have them available locally.

Then we had a cool wind storm come in with the tiniest amount of rain–more like sprinkles, sort of–and so DH set up and ran the sprinkler for a bit. The only problem with that was despite trying to water the entire garden, only half of it was watered because the wind blew it all to one side. Hopefully it will be calm in the morning and I can water then as we aren’t supposed to have any more rain before Friday.

CHICK UPDATE: All of the chicks seem quite pleased with their home. I know I am pleased because we have a workable situation where they aren’t in the garage but they have plenty of room to run and in another two or so weeks they will have a protected run outside where they can see the older hens, but be protected from any bullying.

EGG UPDATE: Today we found a total of six eggs which is two more than our average. The last two were just collected. I know that the hens were very curious because they could no longer get into the area where the babies are but they could hear “cheeps” and “chirps”. It was fun to watch them going all around the box trying to figure out where the sounds were coming from. Maybe they will become inspired? One could only hope!

I sure wish the wind would go away. We are getting a bit more rain now, but I’m afraid for my plants with this wind. It wouldn’t be so worrisome if the plants had been in the ground longer, but they weren’t ready to go out until this afternoon. We will pray and we will see what happens, but the rain is coming down pretty good now.


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