Newest additions

Just a quick post–even with pictures–for our newest additions. This morning I went to the local hatchery to see what came in their latest shipment only to find out that they have changed their shipping days. However, I was in luck because their chicks were on sale for $1 each. I was able to get four black Sexlink pullets and two New Hampshire Red pullets, but not black Astralorps or brown Leghorns. They “might” get a few Astralorps in the morning when the shipment does come in, but I think we’ll hold off. The nicest part was that the black Sexlinks were two weeks old and the NH Reds were one week old so we are past that terrible first week when you are fighting the temperatures and watching for pasty backsides.

So the chicks were brought home with a role of screening which DS very kindly installed. The bedding was put down amidst sneezing; the new waterer was filled; the food tray was filled and the babies were installed with the heat lamp and a hanging remote thermometer.

First they ran into the back corner out of reach so that they could check out the fresh smelling shavings:

Let's hide in the corner where she can't reach us!

Let’s hide in the corner where she can’t reach us!

With some gentle nudging, I was able to move them over near the new waterer and food whereupon they began to eat while playing “Queen” of the food dish! 🙂

Hmmm...guess we can be in charge.

Hmmm…guess we can be in charge.

No, I'm in charge here...You gals can eat on that side IF I say so!

No, I’m in charge here…You gals can eat on that side IF I say so!

So hopefully we will do well with this batch and soon have more eggs!


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  1. claire93 says:

    look forward to seeing these fluffy chicks grow ^^

  2. So cute, and they grow up so fast. 🙂

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