“There shall be showers of blessings…”

“Oh that today they might fall!” We have had two separate days of rain this week with today’s round being all last night and up until about 3 this afternoon. We feel truly blessed, though we are told to expect this all weekend. In between the first two days of rain, I was able to plant all but the black turtle beans, and a few more garlic. Yes, I purchased three regular bulbs of garlic at the grocery store today to break apart and plant this next week. Once these are in and the four rows of beans are planted, I will be done for now.

The rain has caused us to have to use a heavy furniture blanket on top of the brooder box, just to make sure that no rain snuck in and got their lovely shavings wet. The chicks are doing just grand so far. And no, I didn’t go back for any more. I think we will let it be at this point. Our older chickens are still curious what is making all the strange noises in the closed box, but that’s ok. Eventually they will have an opportunity to become acquainted through some fencing.

Tomorrow we get up early to make a road trip to the east to attend an investiture of one of the Pathfinder clubs. It will be a long day as the trip is a minimum of four hours one way with the church/investiture service, potentially a potluck and if not, definitely a picnic lunch, before returning back home. We will have one gentleman traveling with us who is an area coordinator like I am and a good family friend so it will be a fun day. This will leave us with only one more investiture on the 28th of this month and then we should be done for this year. Tonight before I go to bed I must pack my yarn, needles, hooks, and patterns to continue working on my Click for Babies hats while heading down the road. The latest one is a lovely colorwork hat that I hope to finish tomorrow and get a picture to share.

DH had to replace his computer’s case, keyboard and mouse this week. His computer decided that it was most appropriate to shut down unexpectedly in the middle of whatever project he would be working on. There was never a reason for this behavior and it was getting worse and worse. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, they don’t make this case anymore, so he went searching for another one that he could fit all his components into. With its arrival today, DD and DH spent a little over an hour taking apart the old computer and installing the components into his new case. As for the keyboard and mouse, the cords were becoming frayed and weren’t that old, so now he is all fixed up and running well. It is also heaps quieter, which will be so nice on the nights that he stays up while I’m trying to sleep before a work day.

Even though I can’t share pictures yet, the sampler is progressing nicely. I don’t know exactly when it will be done, but I am getting closer to rolling it over again. That is where I am headed next as I need to make as much progress as possible before heading off to an early bed.

Lastly, DS will be done with all but his Algebra 2 class in two and one-half weeks. I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone. It has been busy, but as we are nearing the end, I had best step it up to get his reviews made up and his semester finals. My planning time in between patients at work on Sundays looks to be limited in the next few weeks as I have been informed that I will be training a new employee for part of the time each week. Unfortunately, this will cut into my ability to meet my collection goal as given to me by my department head, so I’m not sure how that will be addressed. Still it is nice to have someone new coming on to fill the empty spots. Now to just find time to finish up the last bits and pieces of school for this year and begin the planning for next fall.


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