Moving forward?

Last night was DS’s Pathfinder Investiture. All went well and now I have new patches, chevrons, and class tag to sew on his class A shirt and sash. He also agreed that he needed to have the sleeves cut off and hemmed up for a short sleeved shirt as they were starting to get too short. This will allow him to wear the shirt for a while longer and given the quality of the fabric, I am glad. The sleeves are cut and waiting for hemming after lunch to be followed hopefully by all of the reorganized chevrons and his class tag. Everything else will go on his sash which is getting fuller.

This is the last week of regular schoolwork. Next week most everything will be focused on final tests, final essay, and being done. The only work that DS will carry into the summer will be Algebra 2 lessons, but those should be done by the middle of July and then there will be a nice break for at least a month before we dive into 11th grade work. Needless to say, I have begun prepping for next year. I hope to write up my evaluation of how this year went shortly after we finish next week.

Now that the groceries are purchased for the next week and I am back home, as soon as lunch is over I will go over DS’s Algebra 2 lesson with him, fix his shirt and sash, cut tomatoes/cucumbers/onions to put in a couscous salad, make pizza dough for tonight’s pizza and maybe cheese sticks, and hopefully get this all done before 3:30 pm when I want to go out and weed my front flowerbeds. They desperately need this done and I am hoping that DD will help me since she isn’t working today. She has already advised me that she isn’t very excited about it, but I am hopeful. She took care of the dishes and vacuuming while I went shopping for new black dress pants for DS and other items for the rest of the family as well as groceries. I must say I really appreciate her help.

Hopefully after supper tonight I can spare a few minutes to work on the border of the cross stitch sampler. It is in the “panic” panel stage. This is the panel that I worry about the most as I count and count in hopes that when the border meets at the bottom, there is a clean meeting and I don’t have to take a bunch of it out. Once a single line of the border meets, the rest is relaxing and fun. If all goes well, we will see a finish yet. I also need to get more purple hats knitted and crocheted for Click for Babies, and a couple of secret projects moving along. Those can’t be shown or talked about because they are top secret!

PS: The baby chicks are growing and doing well. I still haven’t caught them on their roost, but we should be cleaning out their box over the weekend so that should be “fun”.


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