So long ago?

It does not seem possible that it has been almost a whole month since I last posted. Life has a way of getting away from me. Just when I thought maybe things would slow down, they speed up with a vengeance. Since I last posted, the following have happened–in no particular order:

  • The chicks are growing and spend a lot of their time outside in their run. With the rising temperatures (some 90s and 100s now) I am glad they are past the “baby” stage. We still aren’t mixing them in with the older flock as I don’t want them to be eating layer feed.
  • Two of our older chickens are with us no longer. This morning we found one of our oldest black Astralorps had passed overnight. She was from our first year flock. The other hen was a second year buff Orpington. Neither one was sick, just old and tired. The high temperatures haven’t helped, despite shade in their pen and plenty of cool water. Thankfully we have the younger chicks coming along.
  • The sampler is almost done. Fortunately, the border did come together and did match. It still has to be completed as it is 4-5 rows of different stitching wide. Then there are the words and motifs to fill in the final panel. Unfortunately the last two weeks haven’t been kindly to it. The first of those two weeks were spent with every free moment working on getting ahead of DS on Algebra 2 lessons. Now I can dig in and finish up. There are several other projects that need to be tackled.
  • Last week was spent in northeastern Oregon up at about 4500 ft in the mountains. After a two year hiatus, we went back to our favorite “camping” spot for five days of rest and relaxation. Because we waited so late to book our favorite rustic cabin (we used to book in January or February), we had to choose a different spot. Still, it was nice and restful. Because we went two weeks later this year, there were no afternoon rain showers. Temperatures were in the mid-70s during the day and 40s and 50s at night. As usual it was MUCH warmer here in the valley where we live when we came back and we will take a few days to adjust. I pottered around with a couple of projects–one which will be put away again until a much later date and the other, which will be continued after the sampler is finished–and finished off one of two on the way home in the car. The two finishes were two more hats for Click for Babies. Hopefully another one can be cast on to carry in the car and pick up when I have to wait for DD to get off work or such.
  • All the lessons for DS’s Algebra 2 are done for the upcoming week except for one problem in the very last lesson. Hopefully I can tackle that one long before Friday. We are almost done with this class and then it is a break for DS before school starts up again in August. This also means that I must get further along on the lesson plans for next fall. Thankfully we have made a good start on this.
  • The weeds in the garden had attempted to take over and so a little over a week ago before we sent on vacation, I had to pull as many as possible. As it turns out, there were actually lots and lots of volunteer tomato and squash or pumpkin plants that were trying to choke out the other plants that were supposed to be growing. Thankfully other than needing a good watering and probably some more weeding this week, everything is looking much better. I may plant some cucumbers where the peas were supposed to grow and let them climb the trellis. A few jars of pickles wouldn’t go amiss. The green beans and black turtle beans seem to be doing well, as are the lettuce and spinach. I am hoping that with watering the spinach will stop going to seed, but something tells me that the chickens will get most of this.
  • While we were on vacation, GPID took care of the cat and chickens. He also “took care of” a gopher that has been making mounds of dirt around our yard. I suspect that there is more than one so we will have to continue that project.
  • There is a “pole cat”, also known as a skunk, that keeps passing through the neighborhood each evening late. We have not seen him/her, but we have definitely smelled them. DS has checked our yard and chicken pen each time but no sighting of the smelly cat. Hope they venture/move to another neighborhood real soon as I don’t want them messing with the chickens and certainly don’t want to get sprayed.
  • The front flower and herb beds still need more weeding and definitely more watering. However, they are looking better. I noticed when we came back yesterday that the roses are pretty much past their prime and need to be dead-headed and trimmed. They have spindly branches waving in the breeze that make it hard to get into the car next to their bed.
  • Tomorrow is Father’s Day! DD, DS and I went together and purchased a Kindle Fire HD 7 for DH and gave it to him before our vacation. He loves to read and hopefully this will make reading his e-books easier on his eyes. Happy Father’s Day, Sweetheart! Thanks for being such a wonderful father to our two children.
  • I have decided that it is time to stop–other than the sampler–and make some clothes for myself. I have put this off for well over 5 years and my wardrobe definitely reflects this. Purchasing clothes is an option, however quite expensive, to say nothing of I really do NOT like shopping for clothes for myself. This must be because for so many years I was taught how to make my own and then continued to do so with the willing consent of DH. So, with more help around the house from DH, DD, and DS, it is hoped that I will be able to change the state of my wardrobe. Of course, there will be the usual interruptions for chores that cannot be ignored, but hopefully a week or two of fitting in sewing will accomplish this goal.
  • Our apples are growing bigger slowly but surely. I am hoping that we get them before the birds do, but they are definitely not ready to pick. They will get some regular watering again this week.

More will hopefully come this week. It may be late in the week as there is work tomorrow and DS turns 15 on Wednesday! Time to inquire about driver’s education information as he would like to learn how. It doesn’t seem possible that 15 years have passed so very quickly but DS has turned into a wonderful young man that DH and I are very proud of!

If you have continued reading this far, thanks for sticking with me and stay cool this week!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. claire93 says:

    reading about all that’s been happening, yes, it sounds like a full month!
    great to hear you had a good vacation. Happy birthday to DS.
    And look forward to hearing about the clothes making if you manage to find time to fit it in with all your other jobs ^^

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