Weeding, knitting, heat, and no sewing yet

With two heat advisories in the next few days, the weeding will have to move to the EARLY morning. This morning I was out in the garden shortly after 7 am pulling up volunteer tomato plants that were crowding my other regular plants as well as pulling up grass that was trying to take advantage of carefully tilled soil. I would love to plant some herb seeds in the part I weeded today as the soil is really loamy.

The roses still need trimming and dead heading. Seems like there are just not enough hours that are cool enough in the day to do all that I want and need to. We’ll just have to keep fighting the weeds and trimming when we can. Maybe I need to get out still earlier in the morning. This morning it meant that DD and DS had to put breakfast on while I pulled weeds as fast as I could. I also used the small “fork” to “till” around my cabbages, hot peppers, and basil plants. Hope that helps them grow more. The tomatoes are not very tall, but already starting to have blooms. I think I need to “till” around them, too.

Knitting has been mostly confined to Click for Babies hats while waiting for DD. Another one was completed last night with a different one cast on. I decided to change patterns for a bit and hope this one will turn out cute. I worked on it a bit while completing my education for work online. Thankfully this helped me to pay attention and not fall asleep which I so don’t like to do, particularly with an interactive class. No cross stitching has been done since the weekend, however I was able to complete all but just a wee section of one of the five rows around the border. It is getting so close to being done and I am so ready.

While it is hot, which will hopefully help the tomatoes and green beans to grow, we have been really fortunate to have cool nights. This morning it was 63° when I got up. The cool temperatures at night help you to sleep and the days are a wee bit easier to endure. The yard will need more watering, but less mowing which will be welcomed by DH and DS. Hopefully they will be able to weed whack everything real good this weekend so that we won’t have to worry about the edges so much. I’m also hoping that the chickens are not adversely affected by the high temperatures. We are getting 3-6 eggs per day which isn’t grand considering we still have 11 hens, but some of them are older so we’ll make do.

Tonight while it is cooling down outside, I hope to finally cut out some clothes for sewing. The fabric and patterns have been sorted, but every time I try to work on something, another task gets in the way. It almost would make one wonder if maybe they don’t need to sew new clothes.

Unfortunately there are no pictures yet, but I hope to have some soon of some of the projects that are being worked on or are finished. Stay cool and enjoy your summer!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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2 Responses to Weeding, knitting, heat, and no sewing yet

  1. claire93 says:

    I agree it’s difficult to find time to do everything ^^
    I had a clothes making week last week, and since the weekend I’ve been doing nothing but cross stitch. I have phases like that ^^

    • That sounds like how it goes here. To top it all off, last night I was so very tired by 9 pm that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I tried a “nap” that resulted in sleeping until 11:30, changed clothes for bed, and went right back to sleep until 4 am. Because of expected heat advisory-type weather the next few days (over 100°F), I was in the garden weeding by 6:45 am. Still no sewing, but at least something is getting done. 🙂

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