Bit of rain, weeding, and crafting

Just a quick note that we were fortunate to get a bit of rain this last Sunday. Unfortunately, I was unable to even sneak out the door at work or look out the window for a moment to enjoy this luxury. Reports from patients and from DH were that it was a short but nice rainstorm. We still had to water the garden. And now I’m waiting for it to dry a bit more so that I can do some bits of weeding in the garden.

Yesterday morning early I cut back the roses in the flowerbed outside DD’s window and pulled out all the weeds and grass. It was a mess so I only accomplished the one small bed before breakfast.

This morning I was able to complete weeding the herb and flower triangle. This is right outside the kitchen window. I really should take pictures as it is  doing well this year. The mint and catnip were cut back a bit also, but I left most of it there in bloom for the bees that were buzzing around. Sure wish I could have a small hive to collect honey. Another future project?

I also completed the weeding and cutting back of the bed of roses along the driveway. These didn’t have so many weeds as I had done this earlier. Tomorrow morning early I hope to weed in the ditch where the pampa grass “babies” are growing. I am delighted they are there, but want to get rid of the thistle, goatheads, renegade grass that is not pampa grass, and dandelion weeds. I will probably only get the one area done in the morning because it has not been weeded yet. Then Thursday morning, I hope to get the ditch on the opposite side of the driveway cleared out or mostly cleared out. Since there isn’t much in the garden to weed and nothing big enough to pick, I can concentrate on these two areas and get them cleaned up.

As for the crafting, my knitting class that I was supposed to teach tonight canceled and we will reschedule at a future date. I was disappointed because it was with one of the Pathfinder clubs and I was looking forward to sharing this with them. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can accomplish this. The patterns and materials that were printed out were set aside for now. Thankfully the message came before I had made the “mini” skeins of the different types and weights of yarns that they needed to learn about. Will just save that for later, too.

Since I had frogged the last hat and discarded the pattern because I wasn’t happy with it, I cast on another hat today while going over the two Algebra 2 lessons for today with DS. This one will look like a purple berry with leaves. Here is the link: Leaf top hat for baby. I think it is adorable. My purple is a bit darker, but I just had to try one of them. If it looks as cute as I hope, I will make several. These seem easy enough to make when I am waiting for DD to get off work.

The cross stitch sampler has received more attention and the last panel is filling up. I can’t wait until this project is done so I can frame it and put another project in the floor stand. I am pleased with it, but ready to move on. A stocking will be my next project most like. And yes, I really do need to take pictures of everything.

Because I am anxious to complete the sampler, have had the knitting classes canceled, and have a baby present to complete, I won’t be sewing just quite yet, but it is looking more likely in the next few weeks. DS will also be done with his Algebra 2 on Monday–something we will BOTH be grateful for. Then it’s a planning break while I get ready for next year. Most of the books are ordered. I need to order one test booklet and print off to be bound, several workbooks. One of these will be full of material from a website online, but that one I can do later in the fall as DS will not have Personal Finance until the spring semester.

And lastly, but very importantly, one of our third year buff Orpingtons has decided that she wants to sit on the nest or go “broody”. I am so thrilled as that was the reason we had raised that particular batch of chickens. So far we haven’t been able to catch her off the nest since Sunday when she started sitting. It would be lovely to find out how many eggs she is sitting on. So now we have just nine hens laying and mostly likely if/when her egg(s) hatch, we will have to move our other “babies” out of their area and integrate them into the main flock, clean the brooder area out again and move her with her babies into this area. It will be a very nice protected area for a hen and her chicks, and we will be able to shut her in so she can’t run away from them. Once they are older, we will be able to let them make use of the run like the current batch we have been raising. Her potential due date is July 26 and you can be sure this is marked on our calendar. I will try to post updates as we find out how many she’s sitting on. Now we will also hope that she doesn’t have roosters as we have two very nice ones and need more layers.

So that’s a catchup. The zucchinis and green beans are not quite big enough to pick, but the okra is standing taller, the watermelon vines are spreading and growing, and I even saw some cucumber plants poking up through the dirt where I hope to have them climb a plastic trellis. It’s summer and with that little rain and the temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s we should do well. I hope that all is well in your area as well and that your summer is just as you want it to be!


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  1. rain is the best part of summer in my opinion. 🙂

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