Bad blogger and GOOD news!

As you have probably noticed, I have not been a good blogger. Things have been incredibly busy around here, and they don’t look like they will let up anytime soon. Something had to give, and so the blog isn’t getting as much attention—ok, very little attention to be truthful. Tomorrow is another blogiversary and I’m really too busy to do it justice right now, but we will see.

And the GOOD news? Mama buff Orpington who had been sitting for 21 days, had her one egg hatch yesterday while I was at work. DS found mom and chick when he came home from a couple of hours with a friend. We thought yesterday was the due date, but that was just an estimate, so we were checking on her frequently.

New baby chick

New baby chick

Mom and chick in new

Mom and chick in new “lodgings”

DH emailed me the second picture and update at work. He and DS “ruffled” her feathers by setting up new quarters with water and food low enough for the baby chick and then moving both of them. DS said she got quite puffed up at DH when he took her briefly away from her baby to move her, but DS came right along behind and after checking the little one out, she tucked it underneath her.

Even though I checked last night when I came home from work, no chick was in sight. Mama is keeping her baby warm and not letting anyone see it anytime soon. She seems to be a real good Mama as even though we can’t see the little one, we can hear it cheeping. Last night around midnight a cold front came through with pouring rain and I was so glad that we had secured her and her baby. We are all hoping that her baby will be another hen, and not a rooster as we don’t need any more roosters right now.

Yes, they are in the area where we had the older chicks. The older chicks who are now three months old have been pushed out to join the older hens so we will see some re-establishment of “pecking order” again. So far it seems good, but I think that is because we had the older chicks in a run where the hens and roosters could come by and “visit” through the wire. Before dark last night DH, DS and I shooed all of the older hens, older chicks and roosters into the main coop for the night as we had the storms and wind moving in. Since the older chicks had not slept there before, they were relegated to the area near the door. The older hens and roosters went in earlier and we just had to show the older chicks where they were going to have to go at night from now on. It will take a few nights by they will get it soon.

And lastly, I had to chuckle at the large white rooster this morning after we let them outside. All of the older hens and the other rooster came out along with one of the young black sexlinks. However, Mr. Rooster went back to the doorway after about 10 minutes and crowed a couple of time while stamping his feet. Finally, the rest of the older chicks ambled out the door. Looks like he may have his work cut out for him teaching them how to behave in the flock, but so far we’ve seen him to be a very good leader so I’m not overly worried. It will most likely be very amusing!


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6 Responses to Bad blogger and GOOD news!

  1. claire93 says:

    congratulations ^^

  2. debc says:

    Awww!!! Such a cute little chick!

    • It is a cute one at that! Just hope it isn’t a rooster as like you we don’t need any more roos. I’m glad mom is taking care of this one and hoping we will get one more to sit before the summer is over.

      • debc says:

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! It hasn’t been easy the last couple weeks, given our roo situation. I do miss the white roos. It’s just not the same seeing them running around the barn yarn.

        Right now I’m playing waiting game for eggs. The three oldest hens are 15 weeks old now.

        • It is always fun waiting for the roos to start crowing, even if you aren’t really keen on having another one. I hope your hens start laying soon. Some breeds start laying as early as 20 weeks which means I’m still looking at two more months. Considering that the older ones are not laying real well, I can’t wait. My fingers will be crossed for you that they lay early. 🙂

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