Still here and so very busy

Believe it or not, I’m still here. We have been so very busy this summer and with school starting soon, I have been busy prepping to keep DS busy. He will have a full schedule of classes–Bible, Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry), German, British Literature with accompanying Grammar, Composition, and Vocabulary, World Geography, Chemistry, HTML, SAT Prep, and running for PE. He will also have some work to complete for the next level in his youth group, but that level will take two years, so we are starting now. For now, I think we have the layout of the schedule mostly in place and other than purchasing a few last school supplies this Friday, we will be good to start on Monday.

DD has one more week of longer work hours and then she starts back to school on the 24th. Since she needs a lab science, she has chosen to take Biology. This class fortunately is online and has an online lab component so she won’t have to change her work schedule quite yet. I think she will miss being at work the longer hours, but all will come out in the end.

DH gave me quite the scare last Friday morning when he woke me up shortly before midnight Thursday night having chest pain. After a visit to the ER that lasted four hours, we are both pleased to report that it appears there was no heart attack, just a nasty episode with his acid reflux–the first in three years. We followed up with his regular doctor today and after receiving a referral to a cardiologist to set up a stress test, we are now back home to await their phone call. All in all, they aren’t expecting to find anything, but given his family history, they just want to make sure.

With the wedding sampler done, I have been working in bits and pieces on the baby gift as well as starting DD’s Christmas stocking over again. I also want to cut out a dress or two this week to have ready to sew up for church, etc. Not sure if that will happen though as the week is already half gone and while I have lots of my preparatory work done for several youth group and such deadlines, I still have one more to fit in. I also have some special cooking and baking to complete in preparation for celebrating my DSIL’s birthday Saturday evening. She has decided she wants pizza with alfredo sauce, salad, angel food cake, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. I’m making the pizza dough, alfredo sauce, angel food cake, and preparing the strawberries. I hope I can remember everything when I am at the grocery store on Friday.

We have a huge sage brush fire (over 119,000 acres) approximately 40 miles from us. It grew almost 40,000 acres last night during a period of thunderstorms. Unfortunately, we have a huge cloud of smoke hanging over us which makes breathing a challenge at times. As much as I hate to do it, we are running the a/c in the house and not opening the windows as DS and I both are challenged at times with this. We are also praying for the firefighters, utility workers, and people being dislocated because of this fire. Thankfully despite the size, only a small area has had to be evacuated so far. Most of the area burning is high desert with a bit in the mountains. They have been pulling water from one of our local lakes and dumping it on the fire to assist in hopefully containing this one soon.

The garden is still trying to grow. We probably won’t get more than 2-3 more pickings of green beans and those won’t be huge. Still we will take all we can get. The tomatoes are so slow this year. Usually I have them ripening at the same time that school starts, but everyone around here is having the same slow speed. My jalapenos, pepperoncinis, and Anaheim peppers are growing well, but still not ready to pick.



Tomatoes "refusing" to ripen

Tomatoes “refusing” to ripen

The pumpkins are changing colors, not that we really wanted them to take over. I didn’t plant them this year, but they came up volunteer. We have picked a tiny bit of okra, but I’m hoping to get a wee bit more. The gophers ate all but three of my garlic and I’m hoping they leave those alone. I will have to plant more in pots in October to grow next year. The black turtle bean plants are covered with beans and the leaves have started to turn yellow. Hopefully they will begin to dry soon and then we can harvest them.

Remember the watermelon that we had? It is still growing, though still only about the size of a grapefruit. We have another one that is about the size of a tennis ball. Sure wish that our watering would make them grow.

Smaller watermelon

Smaller watermelon

And lastly, the chickens are not laying real great. We have given them plenty of the food that they like and they eat it well. They also get kitchen scraps that are okay for them and scratch, plus plenty of water. We get 2-3 eggs from 9 hens most days and it isn’t all that hot so not sure why. The mother hen is doing well with her chick, but we have NO idea what gender we are dealing with yet. Only time will tell.

Mom and 2 1/2 week old chick

Mom and 2 1/2 week old chick

That’s pretty much all there is to show and tell. I hope all is well in your corner of the world and that you are accomplishing all that you wish! Thank you for your patience as I am not sure how much blogging will happen until we get settled into a routine for school and the youth group’s new season.


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