Good intentions

Time has flown and promises to continue to fly swiftly away around here. I had wonderful good intentions to blog more frequently, but with school starting, Pathfinder season starting, and a baby blanket to make as well as a garden to finish harvesting, I find myself running in circles. Then September came in with a bang of colder temperatures pushing everyone to think in terms of keeping warm.

So without further ado, here’s a brief rundown of a very, very busy schedule:

  • The baby chicken is growing quickly and we are now letting Mom and baby out in the run. Unfortunately, we still don’t know if it is a he or she. I’m really hoping it is another hen. Our Silkie rooster has been trying almost every day to get to Mom through the fencing on the side of the run which has caused her to puff up and squawk in defense of herself and baby. Thankfully, we aren’t letting her or the baby out into the main area yet.
  • We are starting to see some smaller eggs which means that either our newest black Sexlinks or our New Hampshire Reds have started laying. We started finding those in the last few days in the nests so at least they know where to lay. I’m hoping that they continue to lay more and the eggs get larger like our earlier ones. Unfortunately, the older hens are not laying very many eggs. They don’t appear to be molting, so I’m not sure but what they may have “run out” of eggs? Some sites I have read indicate that chickens only have so many eggs during their lifetime and once they are laid, that’s it. I do know that we will continue to supplement the flock with new hens each year unless the current ones hatch out more on their own.
  • We have completed the third week of school with DS. He is doing really well and for the most part seems much more happier about his learning this year. He is also already talking about his senior year and what that will encompass. Good thing that I’ve been thinking ahead a bit.
  • DD is back in school and taking a Biology class with lab this semester. She is getting real close to having her two year liberal arts degree. Then she will need to decide what she wants to pursue for a bachelors and where she wants to go. In listening to her, I suspect she will take online classes as she doesn’t want to let go of her part-time job at a local publishing company. She loves where she works and what she does and I can see her pursuing a full-time position with them at some point.
  • Pathfinders is busy as we just finished a leadership training session this last weekend and are putting the final touches on a conference-wide Camporee later in September. We also have inductions, club meetings, and future Camporees and events to plan for all the way through 2017. Yes, there are some events we have to plan for now as they are for very large groups of Pathfinders and people need to know details so they can begin fundraising to have money to attend.
  • On the crafting front, I have tried to be focused on knitting the baby blanket. It is coming along, but I’m hoping that if I focus enough on it, my work will be done with just the right amount of yarn by the time I have to travel to California again at the end of October. I want to take it with me at that time to give to the new mom and dad.
  • There is also a few other projects that are secret projects and cannot be shared that I am hoping to get finished soon and the usual list of WIPS that haven’t been touched because of gardening.
  • The green beans are all harvested, snapped, blanched, and frozen. Part of the black turtle beans have been harvested, shelled, cooked into a soup, and frozen for later in the winter. A few tomatoes have been harvested, but there are not as many as usual on the vines. I was advised to make them mostly naked to help them ripen so that is one of my projects this next week. We have been blessed with a bit of okra despite the cooler temperatures. I also need to pull my onions, harvest more peppers, and start clearing the rest of the garden.
  • The ceiling fan/light in the living room has decided to go on the “blink” so DH has another project on his “honey do” list. He plans to take it down on Sunday and see if he can fix it. Otherwise, we will have to look at replacing it–not something I really want to do right now.

There is lots more I could add, but I must get back to the blanket as time is racing away from me and I MUST GET THIS DONE!!! Hope all is well in your corner and that whatever you are doing is what you enjoy best!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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